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Morocco: The Big Cities

  28 January 2008

Morocco is well-known for lots of things: mint tea, couscous, a film mostly unrelated to the country...And of course, its big cities, several of which were the topic of posts in the blogoma this week, writes Jillian York, who takes us to Fez, Tangier, Marrakesh and Meknes.

Morocco: Censorship Update

  24 January 2008

2006 was a rough year for Moroccan internet freedoms, with several sites being blocked; 2007 wasn't much better with sites that were previously open becoming only sporadically accessible. Moi, dans tous mes états (fr) summarized freedom of internet (as well as other forms of media) in a recent post: A...

A Muslim Britney Spears?

  16 January 2008

As if the media circus surrounding her wasn't enough, the latest news is that Britney Spears will be considering converting to Islam in order to marry her Pakistan-born paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. The Middle East and North African bloggers could hardly contain themselves, writes Jillian York.

Morocco: The Freedom to Blog

Morocco is often touted as one of the freest of the world's majority-Muslim countries. Women enjoy nearly equal rights to men, the press is comparatively liberal, few websites are banned, and now, bloggers are free to write about what the press cannot, according to a recent article published by AFP.

Morocco: Happy New Year!

Shortly after Eid al-Adha commenced, Moroccan residents are ready to celebrate the new year. Although New Year's Eve in Morocco is a bit more low-key than the holiday in Europe or the United States, families often celebrate at home, and (as you'll see from the blogoma), resolutions are made.