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#Opandeslibre or When Anonymous Attacked Peru

  1 July 2011

Last week the people of Anonymous, through their Anonymous Iberoamerica arm, announced their intention to attack Chilean and Peruvian government websites on June 23, allegedly because of the violation of the Chilean and Peruvian people's rights and the monitoring of their communications.

Interview with Cati Restrepo, Global Voices Contributor

  14 May 2011

Cati Restrepo was the natural leader and most public face of the project financed by Rising Voices: Hiperbarrio, a project which she left one year ago. Cati was also the winner of the Miss Talent prize in the city of Medellín, which led her to front her own project known as “Women and Digital Inclusion”. In addition to being an active Global Voices collaborator she is also currently involved in many other things. I would therefore like to invite you to get to know her a little more.

Nicaragua: Experiences of Online Citizen Participation

  9 April 2011

The web in Nicaragua is increasingly active, with projects for social events or small businesses finding niche markets to serve online. In order to learn a little more about these practices, Rodrigo Peñalba presents five videos considering the topics of tourism and the web, the social integration of migrants and people with limited resources, gender and sexual diversity and initiatives from the free software community in Nicaragua.

Mexico: Reactions to “Resignation” of US Ambassador Carlos Pascual

  1 April 2011

The government of the United States recently announced the resignation of its ambassador in Mexico. The decision is understood by some bloggers as a clear consequence of the disclosure of confidential documents by Wikileaks and discomfort from the Mexican government, while for others the resignation doesn't make sense because the published documents show that the ambassador acted in accordance with the work of his predecessors.