Jer Clarke

As the tech lead for Global Voices (GV), I'm in charge of web development and the WordPress platform that powers our various web sites. I've been working on the GV codebase since 2006, so any praise or blame you have about the site can probably be directed to me 😅

To read about my work on GV, please visit my user account on the GV Community site, where I post updates about design changes and new features.

My personal blog is where I sometimes post about my interests, but mostly I use my Mastodon account, linked below, so please follow me there.

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Global Voices Gets Redesigned: Welcome Back!

  29 April 2010

As you may have noticed, a few things have changed here at Global Voices. Our old design, beloved as it was, has been replaced. This new design heralds a new era of multi-lingualism in Global Voices, we hope you are as excited as we are.