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My blog Screenshots focuses on governance issues in convergent technologies, public administration and media operations in Malaysia, trying to make sense of our strategies and efforts in propelling the country into a developed nation. It's a “tough love” affair as I have to balance reasons and rationale with straight talking. I am getting the impression that this blog has helped bring fellow Malaysians, domestic and overseas, and the global community into engaging conversations about world peace and striving a better future for all.

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Singapore: Blogger jailed for posting racist remarks

  7 October 2005

Two Singaporeans accused of posting racist remarks online have been sentenced to jail today, reports ChannelNewsAsia tonight. Benjamin Koh Seng Huat, 28, was sentenced to one month's jail, and separately, Nicholas Lim Yew, 25, was sentenced to serve one day in jail and a maximum fine of $5,000. Both were...

Malaysia: Bloggers’ pre-emptive strike

  19 September 2005

Freedom of speech or is it blatant abuse of Internet as a channel for expression? Come over to Malaysia. Just as the Singaporean government was hauling in three bloggers within a week and charging them under the Sedition Act, Malaysian bloggers are getting equally jittery over seditious commentaries being posted...

Singapore cracks down on bloggers

  19 September 2005

Freedom of speech or is it blatant abuse of Internet as a channel for expression? Just as Malaysian bloggers are getting jittery over seditious commentaries being posted by readers in their blogs, and over their potential legal ramifications, the Singaporean government has decided to charge three bloggers within a week,...

China: Crackdown on money laundering

  6 September 2005

In a bid to stop money flowing into the country as bets are mounting on further rises in the yuan, China will extend a one-year crackdown on money laundering in the securities and insurance industries.

Hong Kong: Hurricane email scams

  6 September 2005

These days when there is a disaster, hackers and virus propagators are taking full advantage of the situation. In the case of Katrina Hurricane, bogus e-mails are making the rounds to infect PCs in the guise of offering news updates about the New Orleans disaster.

Southeast Asia: Conversion to Islam

  6 September 2005

Professional Australian model Michelle Leslie embraces Islam but continues to model swimwear or underwear. “When should a person be considered to be part of a religion?” Brunei-born, Australia-based blogger raised a question that aroused many feedback.

Myanmar: Coca-Cola pressured

  6 September 2005

The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union has been pressing Coca-Cola Canada to stop sourcing Coke-branded garments produced under military dictatorship in Myanmar (Burma). Coca-Cola Ltd is accommodating the union's wish.

Singapore: Tehelka reporter

  6 September 2005

Aniruddha Bahal, the famous investigative journalist from India's online news site, gave a talk at the Singapore National University in late August. An audio recording is now available.

Malaysia: Katrina Help

  6 September 2005

Wither universalism? An AFP story recounts pledges of aid and help to Katrina Hurricane victims coming from the rich and poor of Asian countries except Malaysia. Tech blogger LiewCF is calling all bloggers to help run a Red Cross donation ad on their blogs.

Singapore: Wiki for policy

  6 September 2005

Wannabe Lawyer is using wikispaces to build a wiki for Singapore Policy. “We know we are capable of robust political debate without descending in chaos, rioting and a destruction of our society,” the blogger says.

Singapore: Godcasting

  6 September 2005

Godcasting, anyone? “Religious and spiritually themed podcasts” are making their way into iPods, allowing those in hospitals, oversleepers, and others who can’t make it to their place of worship the opportunity to catch up on their time with God.

Indonesia: Haze law suit

  5 September 2005

Indonesia Environment Forum (Walhi), a leading Indonesian NGO, is set to file a class action lawsuit against 10 companies in connection with the August forest fires and choking haze in Riau, Sumatra. Eight of the companies are said to be Malaysian-owned.

Taiwan: Romanization

  5 September 2005

Bogger ashaw cites a 1962 study as noting that Taiwan’s first periodical, a Presbyterian newsletter, was in romanized Taiwanese. Meanwhile, squabbling is underway over the romanization systems – the Tongyong Pinyin schemes – for Taiwanese dialects (Minnan, Hoklo, Hokkien etc). In this case, the author is a backer of the...

Indonesia: Katrina Hurricane

  5 September 2005

Indonesian blogger A. Fatih Syuhud appeals for alms for Americans affected by Katrina Hurricane. Singapore blogger Yuhui wonders if life will return toNew Orleans to the same level of its Mardi Gras-inspired madness.

Cambodia: Land crisis

  5 September 2005

There is a major land crisis in Cambodia, a leading United Nations human rights official said. Rich and powerful interests were grabbing land, leaving thousands of people dispossessed.

Cambodia: Khlog & Clog

  5 September 2005

Drupal, an open source content management system, will power the KhmerOS project and blogging tool that enables Cambodians to blog in own Khmer language based-weblog. It's going to be Khlog and Clog – the former stands for Khmer Blog, weblog in Khmer language; and the latter for Cambodia blog, weblog...

Vietnam: Amnesty

  5 September 2005

Pastor Quang was released on August 30 as part of the National Day amnesty, but evangelist Thach remains in prison

  5 September 2005

Noted by TheDayStartsHere, Google has launched the beta version of Google Bendi (Bendi means “local” in Chinese) at .

China: Naked web-chat

  5 September 2005

A Chinese researcher has warned of naked Internet chatting. Up to 20,000 Chinese Internet users log on to chatrooms each night in which users in various states of undress talk to each other with the help of Web cams.