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Venezuela: Fire Consumes Part of Canaima National Park

  10 April 2013

For over a week the Canaima National Park, one of the world's most precious green lungs has been burning beyond control. Many Twitter users are in dismay over the events, but not without pointing to the indolence of the Venezuelan state and that of Venezuelan politicians in general.

Spain: Young Emigrants Have “Spirit of Adventure”

  8 December 2012

Marina del Corral Téllez, the Secretary General of Immigration and Emigration of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, has been in the spotlight thanks to certain statements which have inflamed social media with indignant messages. Del Corral states that the emigration of Spanish youth is due not only to the crisis currently hitting the country, but to their "youthful drive for adventure."

Student Dies in Protests in Dominican Republic

  12 November 2012

On Thursday the 8th of November, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo was the scene of one of several protests against the fiscal reform. During the protest, the police caused the death of 21-year-old medical student, William Florián Ramírez. It didn't take long for the indignation to spread to social networks.

Concern over Subterranean Water in the Sahel

  11 November 2012

We are told that miners do everything to waterproof the soil and ensure that waste does not contaminate subterranean water. But it must be recognized that there is always a risk, as they can never be completely sure that they are not contaminating subterranean pools. Moreover, with the impact of...

Senegal: Ensuring Efficient Telephone Use by the Government

  11 November 2012

Aliou Fama reveals [fr] that Macky Sall, President of Senegal, has decided to put the members of his goverment on a strict regime, in order to reduce government telephone bills: Ministers’ telephone credit is now capped at 500 000 FCFA (EUR 762,25), with that of technical advisers limited to 150...

Dominican Republic: A Fiscal Apocalypse?

  12 October 2012

Proposed fiscal reforms by the Dominican government are causing negative reactions across all sectors of society. Various organizations are demanding transparency in the use of state resources, as well as the implementation of measures to avoid and punish corruption.

Dominican Republic: Proposal to Toughen Sentences for Minors

  5 October 2012

The House of Representatives has approved a controversial bill to increase the maximum sentences for minors who commit crimes. Although some support the measure, believing it will decrease the delinquency rate, various sectors of civil society insist that this is not the answer to the current wave of delinquency in the Dominican Republic.

Assessing Quality of Life in African Cities

  29 August 2012

One study on the quality of life in cities across the world reports that, of the ten least liveable cities, six are situated in Africa. However, another finds that the populations of certain African cities are happier than those of several European counterparts. So what exactly is the reality of quality of life in Africa's cities?

Panama: Italian Scandal Rocks Martinelli Government

  19 April 2012

Links between Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli and Italian citizen Valter Lavitolla have placed the Panamanian government in the eye of the story, following the arrest of the Italian at the Rome airport on accusations of bribery and corruption. Fingers have been pointed at other members of the Panamanian government for allegedly taking bribes during tendering for contracts to build prisons.