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Barbados: FIFA & Ethics

  17 October 2011

Barbados Free Press is keeping its eyes on the unfolding controversy with former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner and other regional football officials.

Trinidad & Tobago: Integrity Commission Chair Resigns

  13 October 2011

Gerard Best tries to connect the dots between the resignation of the Chair of Trinidad and Tobago's Integrity Commission and the Opposition Leader's rejection of an offer by former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner “on the same day that a Daily Telegraph article reported that ‘Warner…appears to be recorded telling other...

Cuba: News about El Sexto

  13 October 2011

babalu has an update on the arrest of graffiti artist El Sexto, while Translating Cuba calls for his release and publishes several examples of his artwork.

U.S. Virgin Islands: No News is Good News

  13 October 2011

News of St. John says that there's an upside to the island being quiet: “There are still 49 days left in H!^&*($#@ season [hurricane season] and so far St. John's doing OK. A close call, a few brush-back pitches – but nothing bad.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Need for Proper Tender Process

  13 October 2011

Afra Raymond continues to blog about the tender process surrounding the proposed development of public lands at Invaders Bay: ” To proceed as things stand is to continue on a path which lacks the necessary transparency and public participation. The quantities of money involved and the absence of those critical...

Jamaica: New Prime Minister Designate

  13 October 2011

As Jamaica prepares to swear in a new Prime Minister, Girl With a Purpose says: “It is expected that the government of Jamaica will call an early election this year. This is so that they can capitalize on the upsurge in popularity of the JLP since electing a new leader-designate...

Puerto Rico: Legal Action Against Medical School?

  12 October 2011

“On October 3rd, a school of medicine in Puerto Rico, the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, was punished for its negligence and incompetence by becoming the first U.S.-based institution to completely lose its accreditation”: Gil the Jenius has taken the closure personally (his wife was in her final year...

Cuba: Graffiti Artist Detained

  12 October 2011

Babalu reports that “Cuban graffiti artist “El Sexto”…was sequestered by Cuban State Security yesterday in Havana and is being held without charges.”

Cuba: Review of New Feature Film

  11 October 2011

Havana Times blogs about a new feature film, set in the Cuban coastal town of Holguin: “Marina presents itself as something different – quieter, more intimate, another (more contemplative) way of looking at ordinary people who come and go within the island.”

Curacao: Triple 10 – Fooled Again?

  11 October 2011

A year after the dissolution of the Dutch Caribbean federation formerly known as the Netherlands Antilles, TRIUNFO DI SABLIKA examines the fallout: “They still whipping us with a refurbished copy paste Dutch colonial constitution. Same old problematic political coalition system. New government old tricks new business elite same greediness as...

Cuba: New Independent News Agency

  11 October 2011

Pedazos de La Isla announces the launch of a new independent press agency in Cuba; Uncommon Sense comments: “Cuba's independent journalists…are deserving of respect and admiration because without their reports…from the front lines of the struggle for liberty, the world would know far less about the reality of life on...

Jamaica, U.S.A.: #OccupyTogether Going Global

  11 October 2011

Diaspora blogger Labrish Jamaica says of the global spread of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon: “BRILLIANT! May this be the beginning of the end of the immoral, rapacious greed and criminality that has overrun democracy in favor of the 1% plutocratic overlords…”

Cuba: Outpouring of Support for Las Damas’ Leader

  10 October 2011

Over the weekend, the leader of Cuba's Las Damas de Blanco (The Ladies in White), Laura Pollan, fell ill. Bloggers, both on the island and throughout the diaspora, reached out online to offer their support and wishes for Pollan's recovery.

Cuba: Fonseca & Husband Released

  10 October 2011

Uncommon Sense reports that “almost two weeks after they were arrested, Cuban activists Sara Martha Fonseca and her husband Julio Ignacio Leon were released from jail on Friday.”