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Trinidad & Tobago: Issues with the Academy

  16 March 2010

KnowTnT.com links to “a report entitled The Tragedy & The Hidden History of NAPA” and comments: “I'm hoping that the accusations are fully investigated and that, if they are true, that the powers that be are stung into changing their reprehensible treatment of our artists.

Bermuda: Taking a Gamble

  16 March 2010

“I am generally ambivalent on gambling, I don't see it as a tourism silver bullet or a social death knell, and while I have little interest in it myself I do have some serious affiliated concerns”: Politics.bm thinks that Bermuda needs to “reform first. Gambling might follow.”

Trinidad & Tobago: New vs. Traditional Media

  15 March 2010

“Without newspapers, local blogs would be dead in the water. Try as I might to disagree, a poll of Trinidad and Tobago blogs reveals that this is fairly true”: KnowTnT.com examines the relationship between social and mainstream media.

Bahamas: Staying Power?

  10 March 2010

Bahamian Nicolette Bethel questions the staying power of a Ministry of Tourism marketing campaign which commissioned 14 films from British filmmakers. Here's what peeves her: “It’s the idea that lies at the heart of the way in which the Bahamian government spends its money: ‘their output is likely to be...

Trinidad & Tobago: Inertia

  10 March 2010

KnowTnT.com feels “compelled to write about the elephant – or in T&T, the Manicou – in the middle of the room. Inertia.”

Barbados: Murder Charge

  10 March 2010

Barbadian bloggers report that three men have been charged with the recent murder of a retired senior police officer.

Suriname: Chocolate Art

  9 March 2010

Paramaribo SPAN highlights the work of artist Ellen Ligteringen, whose “project involves an installation of objects and an element of public performance, but it is also a process of investigation.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Astounded by Hart

  9 March 2010

KnowTnT.com says of the Calder Hart issue: “It simply astounds me that it took so long and got so far out of control. A Prime Minister defends a man 45 times. And it astounds me that the Opposition was so deeply involved with its collective pants around its ankles that...

Cuba: Through the Looking Glass

  9 March 2010

Generation Y blogs about a form of TV reporting in Cuba “that emulates the saga of ‘Big Brother'”, saying: “Unfortunately for the crude producers of this kind of reality show, the technology in the hands of citizens has started to make the walls around our lives transparent as well.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Pone!

  9 March 2010

“Not a pudding, not a cake, but something somewhere in between”: TriniGourmet.com posts a mouth-watering recipe for cassava pone.