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Puerto Rico: Loving Life

  20 December 2007

“A reminder of My mortality. A memo to Me that nothing is guaranteed”: A close call makes Gil the Jenius appreciate life all the more.

Trinidad & Tobago: Hanky Panky

  20 December 2007

The Leader of the Opposition wiped his hands on a handkerchief after reluctantly shaking hands with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago at the ceremonial opening of the 9th session of Parliament – The Extra Secret Blog of Basdeo Panday explains everything.

Bahamas: Hail to the Chief?

  19 December 2007

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit agrees that The Bahamas 2007 Special Report, a book published with public funds in order to help attract foreign investment, is really a “hail to the chief book.”

Haiti: Haiti Now! Film Festival

  19 December 2007

kiskeácity links to a review of the Haiti Now! Seminar, held earlier this year: “There have been some misunderstandings between anglophone West Indians and Haitians over Caricom and its role in Haiti so this kind of cultural effort for mutual understanding is worth noting.”

Cuba: No Cricket

  19 December 2007

Child of the Revolution finds something “not quite right” about the Cuban cricket team not making its international debut at the Stanford 20/20 tournament “because of the US commercial and trade embargo on the Castro regime.”

Bermuda: Election Results

  19 December 2007

The Bermuda election results are in – Politics.bm says: “Accountability and government reform in Bermuda politics is officially dead”, while The Devil Island congratulates the winning party and hopes “that we can all move forward and come together as one Bermuda.”

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica: Death of Traditional Media

  19 December 2007

“I think blogs…and other online mediums can and should take the place of traditional media, if only because it saves trees…but also because…I do not think that traditional journalism is doing the job anymore”: Sungoddess foresees the demise of traditional media in the Caribbean.

Jamaica: In-Your-Face Culture

  18 December 2007

Francis Wade says that Jamaican culture comes at people “like a truck barreling down on them on a highway that is impossible to avoid.”

Cuba: Castro Retiring?

  18 December 2007

Cuban bloggers are abuzz about speculations that Fidel Castro may be about to retire. The Cuban Triangle says: “To my knowledge, this is the first time Fidel has addressed his future role”, while Child of the Revolution says: “Unless the man is truly near death or under strong pressure from...

Bermuda: Election Day

  18 December 2007

Today is Election Day in Bermuda and Politics.bm is getting the sense that there is a desire for change in the community”, while A Limey In Bermuda endorses what he calls “the protest vote”.

Barbados: Dissociation

  18 December 2007

Gallimaufry realises she has “been doing the dissociation thing without knowing that it was called” and links to a New York Times article that dicusses “the right balance between dissociation and association.”

Caribbean: A More Violent World?

  17 December 2007

Are we living in a more violent world? Some say we are; others believe that violence is simply more widely reported. Earlier this year, the World Bank suggested that the Caribbean (as a region) may have the highest murder rate in the world - and it is having a serious effect on economic growth. More and more, Caribbean bloggers are discussing the issue - and their concerns transcend territorial boundaries, economic realities and regional politics...