Janet Gunter · February, 2012

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Mozambique: All Aboard the Musical Marrabenta Train!

  6 February 2012

Southern Mozambique hosts one of the continent's best kept secrets, the Marrabenta Festival, an event which celebrated five years this month. Highlight of the Festival is a musical train journey in which musicians and revelers travel to the outdoor finale, picking up people along the way.

Brazil: Footage of violent removal of homeless by São Paulo police

  6 February 2012

The first video footage came out from this morning's forceful removal of families awaiting assistance from city hall on a São Paulo sidewalk. A police officer peppersprays the woman filming. Then a citizen reporter interviews Manoel del Rio, lawyer for the social movement, who has an gaping wound on his...

Brazil: Homeless squatters await eviction in São Paulo city center

  2 February 2012

In the aftermath of the Pinheirinho eviction in São Paulo state, police will be evicting a homeless squatter settlement in a disused building in downtown São Paulo this morning. According to the Frente de Luta por Moradia, a social movement (@LutaMoradia), a court ruled the city must provide for ‘basic...