Janet Gunter · March, 2011

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Angola: Preemptive Maneuver Cancels “Revolution”

  17 March 2011

A week after the date of the revolution supposed to "dethrone" Angolan Government, the situation in the country appears calm. Preemptive manoeuvre actions of the State contributed greatly to this: pro-MPLA rallies were convened, troops were put at the ready, and protesters were silenced.

East Timor: Konis Santana, a Humble Guerrilla Hero

  16 March 2011

Like any country born out of a protracted armed resistance, stories in East Timor of division from within the resistance are various, and quite potent. But one guerrilla figure who appears to have a powerful and unifying appeal is Konis Santana, who never lived to see his people gain independence.

Portugal: Scraping By But Making Noise

  13 March 2011

Yesterday's protest of the Geração à Rasca (“Scraping By” Generation) in Portugal drew 150.000 to the streets, in a burst of non-partisan, non-branded, authentic citizen power. Flickr is brimming with photos from the Azores to Porto, to Lisbon.

Angola: Calls for a Revolution

  5 March 2011

In the spirit of protest that has swept across North Africa and the Middle East, it appears that Angolan people have found some inspiration. A protest against the government in power for 32 years has been set for March 7th. Bloggers and government officials react.