Iria Puyosa · November, 2006

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Venezuela: Eight Polls

  20 November 2006

Eight recent polls on Venezuela’s elections are summarized by Reste@dos [ES]. The post includes the numbers from the Welsch / Observatorio Hannah Arendt released yesterday, as well as poll numbers from Datanálisis, Hinterlaces, Evans & McDonough, Consultores 21, IVAD, CECA, Keller, and Penn, Schoen & Berland. Main points from the...

Venezuelan Oil is Red

  12 November 2006

During the last week, Venezuelan’s main topic of political conversation has been the new, fully red, fully chavista, PDVSA. The President of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company, Rafael Ramírez, called for absolute support from all workers—from top management to line of production laborers—to President Chávez’ campaign for reelection. Ramírez’ speech...