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This Week's Synopsis of West African Weblogs

  11 May 2006

Nigeria Political Impasse in Nigeria– Yebo Gogo Fontaine at Yebo Gogo, continues the discussion on the political impasse in Nigeria as a result of an attempt to extend the tenure of the current president, Mr. Obasanjo, whose tenure expires in 2007. “Rumors have been swirling the past few weeks that...

Some Excerpts from West African Blogs

  27 April 2006

Gambia Dictatorial rule of Yahya Jammeh of Gambia–Home of the Mandinmories“Gambians are bleeding from excessive taxation. They are bleeding from the debt burden that is incurred in their name and siphoned off to overseas banks in some of the greatest corruption debacles that has occurred since independence…There's the literal blood,...

Musings from some West African Blogs

  12 April 2006

Chippla’s Weblog muses about nepotism in a prose titled: The Minister’s Son. The setting of his narrative is Nigeria. Here is an extract: “I asked why the Internet connection at the office wasn't working. They said the contract had been given eight months ago. I asked to whom the contract...

Excerpts from Some Nigerian Weblogs this Week

  15 March 2006

“Adherence is everything” in HIV treatment, according to Kid’s Doc in Jos, a blog authored by an expat pediatrician, Dr Mike Blyth. He states: “The key to a long-term suppression of the virus is to keep it from multiplying, because multiplying means mutating, and mutating means developing resistance to the...

Rants from Nigerian Bloggers

  2 March 2006

Africa is continent and not a country. Right? Not everyone knows that, even those that should know often failed to use the “right lingo” when making references to Africa. Nneka rants on her blog Confessions of the Mind: “I am really tired of having my continent generalized and also having...

From the Nigerian and Liberian Blogosphere

  16 February 2006

Dr Beko Ransome-Kuti, one of Nigeria's foremost political and social activist died this week at age 65. Beko was a younger brother to the late afrobeat musician Fela Kuti and was at the fore-front of the civil putsch against the military juntas of Generals Babaginda and Abacha. Black Looks, Ijebu...

Blogs from West Africa

  2 February 2006

Nigeria Molara Wood recounts Ngugi wa Thiong'o’s ordeal in Kenya on returning home after spending 22 years in exile. Ngugi and his wife were brutually assaulted by some Kenyans. “Two weeks into their visit, the couple were attacked by four men in their high-security apartment complex. Ngugi was beaten and...

This Week on Nigerian Blogs

  19 January 2006

I’m sure that whoever came up with the phrase: “It is a men’s world” must have turned in his/her grave going by Olaniyi David Ajao's post entitled: “Female Heads of States”. ”Women rights activists must be grinning from ear-to-ear right now.” He states. “In the past few weeks, a new...