I-fan Lin · November, 2008

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Taiwan: At the Protest Frontline

  11 November 2008

It seems that many people, especially if you are outside Taiwan, found the recent protest against Chen Yinlin in Taipei confusing. Bob pointed out that in China, some incidents in the protest were interpreted as democratic violence. Such impression is probably a result of the mainstream media report on the...

Taiwan: Students Demand to Revise the Parade and Assembly Law!

  9 November 2008

About 500 students gathered peacefully in front of the Executive Yuan on 11/6 to protest against the current Parade and Assembly Law (集會遊行法). The government abusive use of the law has violated people's rights in protest in the past few days during the visit of Association for Relations Across the...

Taiwan: Defending Rights to Protest

  6 November 2008

Following David's article on “The Phantom of Police State” coming back with Chen Yun-lin (陳雲林)'s visit to Taiwan on 3 of Nov, I have collected some visual materials showing the conflict between the protesters and police with brief translation. Since Nov 3rd, many protesters wearing pro-Taiwan T-shirt or banners or...