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China: Media Manipulation on the Poisonous Milk Powder Scandal

  18 September 2008

The “Sanlu poisonous milk scandal” attracted more and more attention until the Central Propaganda Department gave strict orders on 9/15 to stop all Chinese media to report and investigate this scandal. Xinhua News, which is a mouthpiece of China government, shifted from a critical tone of voice to more positive reports and eulogy for the government departments' effectiveness in dealing with this scandal...This is a tragedy for hundred of thousands families. However, the sad story is being transformed into a happy story

Taiwan and China: Fury over poisoned powdered milk made in China

  15 September 2008

The powdered milk products, produced by the Sanlu (三鹿) Group in China, were found to be contaminated by melamine after hundreds of babies in China got sick with kidney stones. One baby in the Gansu province, China, died because of that. 25 tons of powered milk products manufactured by the...

Taiwan: The flying saucer houses will be torn down

  3 September 2008

These flying saucer houses, as the Chiang-Kai-Shek Memorial, were built in 1970s...They are very special architectures. We can observe how architects tried to free themselves from the mainstream palace-like buildings. On the other hand, at the end of 1970, Taiwan just overcame the challenge of oil crisis and embraced the economic growth. Taiwanese finally had more income and higher life quality. The presence of the flying saucer houses as resorts shows that people in those days had some money to spend on new and fancy activities as other people in developed countries.