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Taiwan: What can a baseball do?

  5 May 2008

There are some Taiwanese playing in Major League Baseball: Chin-Feng Chen in Dodgers from 2002-2005, Chin-Lung Hu in Dodgers, Hong-Chih Kuo in Dodgers, Chin-Hui Tsao in Royals, and Chien-Ming Wang in Yankees. Although they are loved by Taiwanese, these baseball stars are not the focus of this article. Here are...

China: Reflection on patriotism

  1 May 2008

This torch relay around the world was sabotaged by those “patriotic” oversea Chinese. In the beginning when the torch was relayed in London and Paris, the people supporting Tibet tried to get the torch and stop the relay. At that time, those people did not have good excuse for what they did.[...] If we could keep calm, be composed, [...] and let the relay be what it should be -