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Taiwan: The blog pirates

  14 August 2007

(Photo courtesy of Mrs. Turtle. The words on the photo are: All right preserved. No co-authors. Toy turtle claims: I only go out with Mrs. Turtle.) When more and more people share their thoughts, knowledge, and experience on their blogs, more and more blog pirates appear. These pirates not only...

Taiwan: From music to rice–the people and the earth

  1 August 2007

Due to the big music market and the hot music industry, Taiwanese love and are familiar with pop songs and different kinds of music. In Yun-Ru Shih's article, based on Miao-Ru Chien's research: 台灣流行音樂產業的崛起起始自七零年代的民歌運動,到了八零年代末、九零年代初迅速成長到五十億台幣,1996年破百億後,1997年更達到歷來最高的123億台幣,在全球唱片市場排名由第21位竄升至第13位,在亞洲排名第二(僅次於日本)。(簡妙如,2002) The pop music industry in Taiwan rose in the folk music movement in 1970s. At the...