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Korea: Blog, Bloggers, and Etiquette.

  27 March 2009

While bloggers seem to be equally distant from each other, they are in fact not. They have their favorite blogs and bloggers, and they link their blogs to each other. They share their favorite posts from other bloggers with other websites. They leave their opinions on the posts of the...

Korea: Two American Journalists are detained in North Korea.

  22 March 2009

Two American Journalists – a Korean American and Chinese American – are detained in North Korea after they tried to report on North Korean issues (It is known that they were interested in female North Korean defectors). Three days behind, the South Korean media started talking about this incident in...

Korea: New Media Laws and Contining Debates

  16 March 2009

The Lee Myung Bak Government has been trying to change media laws and has faced strong opposition from journalists, major broadcasting companies, and citizens. The speaker of the National Assembly recently used his authority to submit bills to the floor and start public advertisements for it. Netizens are analyzing how...

Korea: Layoff

  8 March 2009

A cold story. People are laid off due to economic downturn. Netizens share their experiences of being laid off or their fears. A blogger put a post on why companies reconstruct organizations and choose layoffs of their employees and what kinds of people are laid off. 구조 조정의 시즌이 도래했습니다....

Korea: First dating, how to read your partner within 10 minutes.

  2 March 2009

How can you find a perfect man for yourself as soon as possible? I discovered that a blogger shares some interesting psychological analyses of how you can read personalities and characteristics of a man you’re dating, and find a man who is suitable for your personality. 남자를 꼭 몇개월씩 사귀어야...

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