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Korea: Economic downturn and which companies have the best chances for survival.

  27 February 2009

While all of us hope the economic downturn is over soon, it seems that it’s a long term battle. Companies are cutting employees or decreasing their business scope. A netizen shares his experience of working at a Japanese company. Different business operation styles are introduced. 일본회사에서 근무하고 있습니다. 대기업에서 근무하다가 ...

Korea: Hillary Clinton's Visit

  24 February 2009

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Korea. Rather than any other issues, North Korean issues were the major topic. Some people welcomed her on the street, raising signs, “Welcome, Hillary” and “Kim Jung Il Overthrow,” and burning his photos. Since the current policy of the South Korean government toward...

Korea: Valentine’s Day, Suicide and Blogs

  16 February 2009

A blogger shares his experience on Valentine’s Day 10 years ago. On Valentine’s Day this year, four people died on the subway. tracks How will you get over your difficulties and loneliness? Blogs can be the answer, he said. 발렌타인데이였던 오늘 여러 사람들이 투신 자살하는 일이 발생했다. 오늘 하루만 3곳에서...

Korea: Seven Reasons Why You’re Dumped by Women

  13 February 2009

There was an interesting post in a Korean blog introducing seven reasons why men are dumped by women on a date and giving tips on how you as a man should prevent this disaster. Don’t trust this 100 percent. It won’t always be right.

Korea: Being Unemployed.

  6 February 2009

Since the economic downturn began, being unemployed has become one of the topics netizens talk about. How do people cope with this situation? Aspan finds other way to enjoy being unemployed. 오늘로 백수가 된 지 두 달을 넘겼다. 지난해 11월 17일부러 지난 10년간 근무한 회사를 그만두게 되었다. 다니던 회사가 서울로...

Korea: Serial Killer and His Human Rights

  1 February 2009

A man who had an ordinary life and a good reputation in his town found to have killed 7 women over 2 years. He is a father who has two teenage sons. His targets were random. From women who worked at karaoke clubs, to middle-aged women who went back home...

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