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Korea: Myanmar and Korea

  28 September 2007

How do Koreans think about the Myanmar situation? Interestingly, many bloggers strongly feel an attachment to this situation and link it to Korean history. The Myanmar situation reminded some bloggers of their own experiences in the 1980s of Korea. 고등학교 시절 까지 줄곧 미얀마라는 곳을 버마라고 부르기 시작하면서, 버마는 내게...

Korea: Stiffer for Sex Offenders?

  27 September 2007

In a major portal site in Korea, there is a section for ‘Today’s Debate.” One of the topics on the 25th of September was Korea’s launching of a new policy of ‘electronic bracelets for sex offenders.’ The following post generated hundreds of responses, touching off a big debate. 본론에 들어가기전에...

Korea: Blood Type and Personality

  22 September 2007

Researchers at Yonsei University’s graduate school announced that they just finished a research program on how personalities differ by blood type. Based on 50 research projects on the patterns of blood types by domestic and foreign scholars, they added scores if some reports show the same contents with generally known...

Korea: Moon Festival Symptoms

  19 September 2007

The Moon Festival is approaching and that means Koreans are debating certain issues related to the festival. People join the long lines of traffic as they had back to their hometowns. And more and more people are heading abroad. While some people enjoy meeting family and relatives they have not...

Korea: Scandalous Photo and Media Freedom

  15 September 2007

In an earlier post (Bogus-degree and Success, July 14th) I reported on debates about a woman, Shin Jung-ah, who became infamous for holding a bogus degree and eventually ran away when she was exposed. While police and media have been busy figuring how she could attain such a high position,...

Korea:Debating the Adultery Law

  12 September 2007

What do you think about ‘adultery’? Is it a world used to justify marriage and maintain the marriage system in society? In Korea, adultery is illegal. Debates are now raging over whether the law should be repealed. A blogger (non-Korean) summarizes the appeal against the adultery law and the real...

Korea: After the Release – Abductees in Afghanistan

  5 September 2007

Finally, the 21 Korean abductees returned to Korea. While people are pleased to see them in good condition, there are numerous criticisms about them. It seems that their attitudes and the church’s reaction after their release have brought out more arguments. In addition, how to deal with the amount of...

Korea: Is being good-looking a privilege?

  2 September 2007

‘Eol-jjang’ is one of the modern internet terms in Korea that was made in 2003 and indicates ‘best face’ (eol: eol-gul à face + jjang à top, best). It refers the best-looking person. A teenager who is considered an ‘eol-jjang,’ turned out to be a criminal – she had been...

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