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Jordan: reBranding the Middle East!

  25 December 2006

“There is a big need to re-brand the Middle East. Not just to change the bad image we have in others minds, but also to change the bad image we hold for ourselves inside. And maybe this would be one of the most efficient steps towered resolving the most complicated...

Religion and Suicide Bomber

  25 December 2006

What is the relation between religions and suicide bomber? Is religion the only factor behind it? Who and why a person commit a suicide bombing? All these questions and more are answered in a series of posts by Lawrence of Cyberia. To start, follow the posts here and here then...

Egypt: Just in Time for Christmas

  25 December 2006

“Egypt, where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus fled seeking shelter. But the Christmas spirit has apparently not returned, at least not to the Qalubia governor who just attempted to shut down a local NGO for reporting on poor civic conditions,” Or Does it Explode reports.

Tunisia: Sacrifice Animals Online

  19 December 2006

Eid Ul-Adha is just around the corner and will be coinciding with the end of the year this time around. This Eid marks the end of the Hajj (pilgrimage) each year to Mecca and is known as the feast of sacrifice. Muslims who can afford it buy and slaughter animals...

Egypt: Suiciders on the street

  11 December 2006

“You're a street vendor in Cairo. You're 23 years old, unemployed, and selling merchandise such as clothes and fruits is the only way for you to survive. You can't afford to have your own shop and you don't have a place to display your goods. So what do you do?...

Palestine: Divide and Rule

  11 December 2006

“A strange phenomenon has been taking place over the past few years. Israel has been carrying out a systematic plan to try and separate Gaza from the West Bank. Little attention has been given to this effort separating people – and a country – using administrative measures,” Daoud Kuttab said.

Yemen: Arranged Marriage to Counter Terrorism

  11 December 2006

A newspaper report said that the Yemeni government fights terrorism by arranging marriages for the captured terrorists. Yemeni official confirmed that this is proving an effective counter terrorism technique because marriage provides the terrorists with the familial and social stability that they need in order not to return to their...

Lebanon: Possible Breakthrough!

  11 December 2006

Mohamad Masri says: “Don't hold your breath for a possible breakthrough,” commenting on the breaking news reporting that Hassan Nasrallah and Hizballah have accepted in principle a 7-point proposal brokered through the Sudanese envoy for the Arab League when he was in Beirut last week. “I have a feeling it...

Israel: Rachel Corrie's Legacy Lives On

  6 December 2006

“Despite the murder of Rachel Corrie almost three years ago in Gaza, international volunteers continue to arrive in Palestine to help bring justice to the people living there. These are wonderful, brave young people who have no fear for their lives, standing up to the very forces that killed Rachel,”...

Israel: U.S. aid to Israel

  6 December 2006

“What do we get from the United States? What is this aid? And what are the conditions? A high percentage are loans, and of the “aid” most must be spent in the United States. This strengthens the Unites States economy, weakens Israel's military industries and gives the US the tools...

Jordan: ICT Forum

  6 December 2006

Ahmad, Roba and Lubna are attending Jordan's ICT Forum (kingdom's premier international information and communications technology industry event). Keep an eye for updates and latest news from these bloggers.

Israel: Municipal employees strike update

  6 December 2006

“Last week's strike was over quickly after promises were made by the government offices, to transfer money to the municipalities who have not been paying their employees’ salaries for many months now due to their dire financial situation. Some municipalities indeed paid, but the majority never received money and 12.000...

Palestine: Cleaning up the beach

  6 December 2006

“My mother saw a group of men collecting some wood off the beach the other day. She assumed they were custodial workers and thanked them for their work, asking why the Municipality didn't send people out to clean up the beach more often. It was then that she realized they...

Lebanon: When death becomes a way of life

  6 December 2006

Hizbullah’s people are turning other Lebanese into enemies. Angry mourners chanting “death” to Premier Fouad Saniora buried Tuesday a young Shiite man “Death to Israel”, “Death to America” and now “Death to Siniora”. Somehow, these death threats always backfire and countless Shias under the spell of the lords of jihad...

Tunisia: American Occupation Of The Moon

  6 December 2006

“Predictions: One week after the establishment of the moonbase the American media will declare the moon effort a quagmire. The European Union will complain that the USA is using 100% of the moon’s resources. Commentators on El Jazeera will report the moon is controlled by the Jews. China will provide...

Egypt: Forbidden games

  6 December 2006

As though the Middle East needs more violence; a video game where the player controls a suicide bomber in a crowded street has gone on display in Israel. Among the other games was a Syrian-made game showing Palestinian gunmen shooting at IDF soldiers, and plotting to kidnap Bush. Some of...

Syria: Pity Us!

  5 December 2006

“Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion. Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave, eats a bread it does not harvest, and drinks a wine that flows not from its own wine-press… Pity us, Pity Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine… The...