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Prominent Bahraini Blog, Blocked!

  29 October 2006

It's official, Mahmood's Blog (http://mahmood.tv) will be blocked effective immediately, by the orders of the Bahraini Ministry of Information. Together with 6 other web sites (listed below), the official memo was delivered to all the ISP's in Bahrain this afternoon. Mahmood Al-Yousif, is a prominent Bahraini/Arab blogger. His blog is...

United Arab Emirates: eBook and Education

  26 October 2006

UAE students are now receiving their curriculums in e-books saved on a flash memory disk usable in any laptop or computer. The student can order any number of subjects taught in public schools to be included in the hand-held device. The current product includes only the Grade 12 curriculum of...

Lebanon: Brammertz and Syria

  26 October 2006

Abu Kais says that Serge Brammertz will submit his report to Kofi Annan today, and in it, he will implicate the Assad regime for the first time since he took over investigation of the Hariri murder. Abu Kais has put together an archive of posts related to the Hariri investigation.

Turkey: OpenSource Radio Discussion on Turkey

  19 October 2006

Open Source Radio will be having a dialouge on their show tonight about recent events in Turkey with the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Turkish author Orhan Pamuk to the passing of a bill in France on the Armenian Genocide. Global Voices‘ author Deborah Dilley will be...

Egypt: Nuclear Cartoons!

  17 October 2006

T. Shahin is one smart cartoonist with views about current political issue around the world. See what he has to say about latest news regarding nuclear weapons!

Syria: Surreal Heresies!

  17 October 2006

Ammar was often accused of advocating war against the Syrian regime and his take on Syrian politics have often been compared to neocon stands. This is his recent response to these criticisms.

Palestine: 007 Middle East Missions

  17 October 2006

As if colonization, dispossession, military occupation, ethnic discrimination, and social disenfranchisement weren't enough – the Israel Law Center is now marketing its government's tactics to Rambo-esque westerners by offering them the unique opportunity to take part in 007 Middle East “Ultimate Mission” vacations behind enemy lines, Nadeem said.

Israel: For a New, Better Reality

  17 October 2006

While the government sinks deeper and deeper in the quagmire that is the aftermath of the second Lebanon war, something is surprisingly and notably missing. Why do we hardly hear anything from Binyamin Nethanyahu, why doesn't his complacent face appear daily on our television screens and on the frontpages of...

Palestine: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip

  12 October 2006

The number of murdered Palestinian civilians grows daily at an alarming rate so in the Neanderthal ‘wisdom’ of the Israeli government new weapons are being used experimentally, weapons that will permenantly cripple the individual rather than kill him. I suppose in their way of ‘thinking’, maiming will be a less...

Jordan: Election delay

  12 October 2006

The last week has seen a full blown attack against the idea of delaying parliamentary elections due next summer. No official has said that a delay is being considered. So, who set up this straw man for people to kick around? Khalaf wonders.

Jordan: Jordanising The Workforce

  11 October 2006

Nas reports that the Jordanian government has decided to “Jordanise” the workforce by creating a ‘strategy’ that includes using the municipalities to employ Jordanians through a direct application process. If all goes according to plan, some 40,000 foreign workers will be replaced with Jordanians.