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Palestine: Differences in mideast media's coverage

  22 February 2006

Rami writes a comparative study, which looks into how different online mediums covered the Israeli force raid on Balata refugee camp, near Nablus, Palestine. The criteria for choosing the websites under study were based on the largest readership: The two largest Israeli online news services, the two largest Palestinian online...

Iraq: Samarra Shrine Destroyed

  22 February 2006

Men dressed as Iraqi police commandos slipped into Samarra‘s shrine of Imam Hasan al-Askari last night, set explosive and blew it up this morning, causing the golden dome to collapse and with it, hopes for a national unity.

Arabic Blogs Dreams

  22 February 2006

The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogsphere. Some disappointment in blogging and Arab blogsphere is floating around. Here, Tarik Abu Ziad from Jordan writes; Running from forums to fall under the overpower of blog aggregators: كان أحد أهم الأسباب – بالنسبة لي على الأقل –...

Bahrain: When my People ban the Valentine

  16 February 2006

Mohammed wasn’t so surprised to see a handwritten sign displayed at one of the busiest roads in Bahrain calling for the ban of valentine in collaboration with the recent Danish boycott calls. “Why is it that we Muslims keep mounting up the barrier between our cultures and the rest of...

Palestine: Ali Suliman in the Hot Zone

  16 February 2006

Will of kabobfest says that Yahoo's Indiana Jones-journalist Kevin Sites is slowly getting on his good side. “I blogged about him in critical and in not-so-critical ways. But his interview with ‘Paradise Now‘ actor Ali Suliman of Nazareth is a solid effort in support of good art. Despite the cheesy...

Egypt: Cannot Meet Democracy Promises

  16 February 2006

Egyptians are still happy with their success after winning the football’s cup of African nations. On the other hand, the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, quietly takes a decision to postpone the local/municipality elections scheduled for April in a hush-hush manner, using the fact that the people are busy with their...

Israel: People for the Safe Use of the Internet

  8 February 2006

As a result of a tragic event in my family, in which my son, being in depression, received encouragement and instructions how to commit suicide over the net, 8 years ago, which resulted shortly in his death, I decided to set up a non-profit organizatioon in Israel, called ESHNAV, translated...

Algeria: Does the Military Really Rule in Algeria?

  6 February 2006

A recent post in this blog described the Algerian army's purchase of $4 billion worth of modern fighter jets, tanks, and STA missiles from Russia, at a time when Algeria is in desperate need of renovation of its infrastructure and an economic boost for its civilians. The fact that the...

Jordan: Save Jordan's Forests

  6 February 2006

The modifications made by the past government is to enable buying and renting Forests for Investment Purposes, giving power to some fat guys in suits with big pockets to destroy the only 9% out of Jordan that consists of forests, nasimjo said.

Israel: The Shabab Invade Jerusalem

  6 February 2006

The theme was “Olmert is bad for the Jews” at the rally at Zion Square in Jerusalem. Organized by the Yesha Council of Jewish Settlements, speakers at the rally called for the formulation of “a state commission of inquiry into what they called “the brutal police violence” during the eviction...

Tunisia: Blogging vs. Psychiatry

  6 February 2006

A lot of people are using their blogs as a space to vent, unload and just get things off their chests. They talk about their everyday lives, their problems, their highs and lows, almost everything… I can't but compare this kind of blogging to a session with a psychiatrist, after...

Palestine: Gaza under aerial siege

  6 February 2006

Didn't get a wink of shut-eye last night. After a back and forth exchange of Apache-fired Israeli rockets, and Islamic Jihad home-made rockets, Israeli forces pounded the strip with great intensity all through the night, Laila El-Haddad said.

Egypt: Ferry Tragedy

  6 February 2006

It is one of the worst disasters in Egyptian maritime history. At or around midnight on friday, the ferry As-Salam 98, carrying 1,414 passengers from Saudi Arabia to Safaga, sank in the Red Sea after a fire broke out on the car deck… Other distraught relatives pointed to chaotic management...

Burning Butter!

  5 February 2006

The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogsphere. The selected posts reflect different deviations in opinions and reactions related to the infamous Danish Cartoons. Dalya Younis of Geraldine Kingdom blog writes: أقول.. أن أبسط شيء لم نفعله هو التعريف.. فلو أمسكت دانماركيًا يمشي في الشارع وعزمته...