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Iran: Iran vs. Israel

  31 October 2005

Dokhtarak from Iran writes about anti-Israel demonstration(in Farsi) in Shiraz and says: “Only less than 10% of people have participated by their own desire. 70 percent were school kids, 15 percent military forces and 5 percent officials. She thinks Iranian people have become a joke in the eyes of the...

Morocco: Hoba Hoba

  31 October 2005

Foulla thinks that these Hoba Hoba – Rai-Gnaoua-Reggae- artists (Moroccan) band, sing about injustice, pollution in Casablanca, freedom… among other subjects; are great.

Jordan: 1001 Nights

  31 October 2005

Rami adds a story to 1001 nights stories when he describes where he comes from. He says: “Jesus was baptised 45 minutes away from my house, Moses looked upon the holy land 35 minutes away from my house, the temple of Zeus is not too far too, Jerusalem is a...

Lebanon: Lebanese Vacation

  31 October 2005

Fouad on his vacation in Lebanon. He says: “I put my camera strap around my neck, and slowly walked through the streets and alleys of the lower Basta. Brick by brick, cobblestone by cobblestone, I tried to take as much of it in as I could. From the little piece...

Yemen: Yemen Hit the Media

  31 October 2005

Abu Aardvark says that the last time Yemen erupted in protests, the government predictably went after the Aljazeera cameras. On the other hand, Stacey says that the attack was on Al-Arabiyya during their crew coverage of workers strike in Sana'a, when police and government strike out at press.

When is Eid?

  31 October 2005

Mahmood is betting that Saudi will declare Wednesday as the first day of Eid, and most if not all the GCC countries will follow suit. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does to even the light follower of Muslim affairs. But is it right?, he says. Farah has a...

Morocco: Terrorism Threat in Morocco

  28 October 2005

Foulla writes that Al-Salafiyah al-Jihadiyah in Morocco Declares Jihad on the Moroccan Government. They issued a statement, declaring that the time has come to announce the “jihad on the government of disbelieving and oppression,” for the heads of government have allegedly “sold the country to the infidels after they cleared...

Jordan: Westernized Ramadan!

  28 October 2005

Firas wonders: “Well, these decorations are to commemorate Ramadan! Yet they are very westernized! The lanterns are now substituted for a flashing star in a crescent. Some has gone far by decorating their trees with tree lights, but of an Islamic version. So Ramadan now is a season of decorations...

Jordan: University debts

  28 October 2005

Khalaf has a good analysis on the Jordanian universities debts which seems to be worsening and affecting the universities level of education. There are eight public universities in Jordan, with about 130,000 students studying for their bachelors degrees, 8,700 studying for their masters and 1,400 studying for their doctorate, according...

Iran: Woman's Rights

  28 October 2005

Fatima the Iranian girl says… when you wish a good future for yourself and your sisters, it means you have to fight for it, and try hard to change this selfish male theory that says “all high things belong to men and low ones remain women”. This wrong opinion exists...

Iran: Israel Off the Map?

  28 October 2005

Farid Pouya believes that Ahmadinejad and hardliners welcome crisis and sanctions against Iran. Yasser says: “in west everything against Israel and Jewish be censored and is not surprisingly when all condemned Mr. President! For his comments but they are silent when Israel killed Palestinians. But all of this is not...

Iraq: Who is Mosul's Real Inhabitants?

  28 October 2005

Truth Teller of A Citizen Of Mosul is wondering, are the American Encyclopedias are so ignorant, that they didn't know the real inhabitants of the city of Mosul are Arab? Did the referendum on the constitution had any relation to that issue?

Iraq: A short Guide to Iraq

  28 October 2005

LadyBird of Baghdad Dweller comments on quotes from A short Guide to Iraq (PDF) written for American soldiers who were stationed in Iraq to prevent Nazis from seizing the country’s oil, as she said.

Lebanon: Angry Lebanese Bloggers

  28 October 2005

The Lebanese bloggers are all angry with the Arabs’ and the American Left wingers’ reactions to the Mehlis report. Raja writes in anger: “The whole Arab world is turning against us.“ Lebanon.Profile asks the Syrian apologists: “Where is your righteous indignation? Are you even slightly concerned about the fate of...

Israel: Fear and loathing in Mideast

  27 October 2005

Lisa Goldman of on the face blog says: “We Jews and Arabs, we live side-by-side and we watch each other and we interact (sometimes) but we don't really know each other. We think we do, but we don't. Ignorance leads to fear, and too often fear does lead to loathing.”