Gregory Asmolov · December, 2011

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Russia: Kremlin Removes Re-Tweet From Presidential Account

RuNet Echo  7 December 2011

RuNetizens were surprised to see president Medvededv re-tweet a message [ru] with cursing against bloggers. The re-tweet was removed, but Kremlin published an explanation that “illegal engagement with presidential account has been made” and that “those responsible will be punished.” Vedomosti reminded [ru] that recently Medveved had complained he couldn't respond to...

Russia: Election and the “Other Side of the Panopticon”

RuNet Echo  7 December 2011

The protests of recent days in Moscow were triggered by the common feeling of many Russians that the parliamentary election results are not legitimate. Gregory Asmolov analyzes the role of the Internet in exposure of falsifications and the power change between state and citizens in the new information environment.

Russia: Massive DDoS Attacks Against Independent Websites on the Election Day

RuNet Echo  4 December 2011

An unprecedented wave of DDoS attacks [ru] against independent websites on the election day in Russia: sites affected include,,,,,, Bolshoy Gorod (,,,, (Saint Petersburg), (Tula), crowdsourcing platform “Karta Narusheniy” and the LiveJournal platform. Many media organizations are using Facebook and...