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Russia: Intellectual Property Rights as NGO Prosecution Tool?

RuNet Echo  19 September 2010

Rebecca MacKinnon calls for revising software copyright policy following the story in Irkutsk, where local authorities used the excuse of struggling against illegal software to confiscate local NGO's computers. Irkutsk case represents a wider problem of using intellectual property protection as a justification for prosecution of human rights activists all...

Russia: Bloggers Clash With the Ruling Party

RuNet Echo  8 September 2010

The Russian Internet community's response to the wildfires was accompanied with a high level of hostility and direct clashes between netizens and pro-government activists. Gregory Asmolov analyzes the conflict and suggests a strong linkage between the degree of online cooperation and the way online sources presented the role of the government in the wildfires disaster.

Russia: President Exposes Governor Using Twitter During a Meeting

RuNet Echo  1 September 2010

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev asked [ENG] governor Belyh [RUS] to stop twittering during an official meeting of the presidential commission for modernization and technological development. According to Russian media [RUS], the fact that Belyh is using Twitter during discussion was reported to the president by his economical aid Arkady Dvorkovich...

Russia: Three Scenarios of Internet Development

RuNet Echo  1 September 2010

Alexey Sidorenko suggests [RUS] three scenarios for how Russian Internet will look like in 2020. The first option is liberalization of the information space, the second is the increase of filtering and censorship, and the third is a preservation of the current ambivalent status quo.