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Is Russia an Enemy of Internet?

RuNet Echo  23 March 2010

The degree of freedom on the Russian Internet is an issue for debates. Some put Russia on the same list of "Internet enemies" with China and Iran. Others strongly oppose this kind of generalization and claim that Russian Internet is the most liberal and unrestricted public sphere in the country.

New requirements for Russian E-Gov Sites.

  21 March 2010

The Russian Ministry for Economical Development published a list of requirements for governmental Web sites that provide online services, reports All the documents on the sites should be accessed without any pre-registration and additional software requirements and content on the sites should be reached with no more than 5...

Russia: Most of Media Practice “Copy-Pasting”

Russian magazine Kommersant Money published an analytical investigation on plagiarism in online media. It suggests that the majority of media content in Russia is based on “copy-pasting” practice usually done by special software that substitutes original words with synonyms to pass the product as a different article.

Russia: More People Use Twitter

The number of Twitter users in Russia multiplied 26 times in one year. There are currently 183.000 Russians using Twitter. The recent statistics were published by the Russian Internet company  “Yandex.” According to the data, 60% of users use the microblogging service on a daily basis and leave 150,000 tweets...

Russia: Every Third Family Has Internet Access

Every third Russian family has an access to the Internet, a new Russian telecommunication market research by Gfk showed. According to, Moscow has the biggest Internet penetration rate of 52 percent, while the Russian Far East region has the lowest penetration rate of 21 percent.