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Russia: When Politicians Go Online

RuNet Echo  17 February 2010

When more and more Russian politicians become bloggers and seek the help of PR firms to develop and manage their blogs, people wonder about the future of the Russian blogosphere as an independent information platform and valuable public sphere.

Russia May Use E-mail Addresses As ID Tools

RuNet Echo  12 February 2010

The Russian minister of communication and mass media Igor Shegolev said [RUS] that Russia considered using e-mails accounts as additional identifications for Russian citizens along with traditional passports. According to the minister, it would make it easier for the government to communicate with citizens.

Russia Wants To Be Twitter Trend

RuNet Echo  9 February 2010

A new Russian Internet campaign [RUS] focuses on Twitter and aims to make #Russia one of the ten most discussed hashtags. So far, about 3,000 users joined the  Russian Twitwave [RUS]. The campaign was initiated by a member of the Russian parliament and Internet activist  Konstantin Rykov

Russia: Another Video Blogger Arrested

RuNet Echo  3 February 2010

Grigoriy Chekalin, a former deputy prosecutor of Uhta region, who published [RUS] a YouTube video where he accused local official in falsification of investigation materials regarding a fire in a local mall, has been arrested [RUS] by the Russian police. Chekalin is being accused of providing false information to investigators.

Famous Researcher Talks About Internet in Russia

RuNet Echo  1 February 2010

Alexander Voiskounsky is one of the first scholars who started researching the Internet in Russia. In an interview to Global Voices, Dr. Voiskounsky shared his view on current problems of the Internet research in Russia, described how science can stop hackers and explained why social networks cannot play a significant political role in the country.