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Belize: US dollars

  21 September 2006

Lee Vanderwalker — who, like most other Belize residents, hoards US dollars — wonders why two visitors to her store in recent times have refused to accept change in US currency.

Bermuda: Save the Gardens blog

  21 September 2006

A newly launched Bermudian blog called Save the Gardens is dedicated to helping block a goverment decision to build a hospital on the site of the botanical gardens in Hamilton, Bermuda's capital city.

Bermuda: Ex-pat go home!

  21 September 2006

The Limey reports on the latest a anti-expatriate leaflet circulating in Bermuda, which accuses foreign-born residents of “. . . taking food, jobs, housing, space, school places, and “our sons and daughters” from Bermudians. He’s blamed for causing fatherless homes, divorce, declining family values, and traffic congestion.“

Jamaica: Ooh, Jamaica

  20 September 2006

Geoffrey Philp recounts his encounter with various stereotypical ideas about Jamaicans on another Caribbean island, and asks the question: “what are we doing now to promote well-rounded images of Jamaica and the Caribbean.”

Barbados: The Y chromosome

  20 September 2006

“He didn't say “I put others needs before my own, I sacrifice my happiness for my loved ones.” or “I give value to my emotions, I feel my partners grief” or “I acknowledge God as mother, I nurture Her creation,” says Barbados's BIM in a tongue-in-cheek rant about partriarchy.

Trinidad & Tobago: Farewell, BWEE

  20 September 2006

Barbados Free Press says farewell to BWIA — or Bwee, as it's familiarly called — as the Trinidad and Tobago airline prepares to wind up its operations and make way for a new entity called Caribbean Airlines.

Bahamas: Reforming broadcasting

  20 September 2006

“The country's entire broadcasting policy needs to be re-evaluated and reformed to fit our modern context,” says Sir Arthur Foulkes in a post outlining the history of television broadcasting in the Bahamas.

Trinidad & Tobago: Dear Jack Warner…

  19 September 2006

Jeremy Taylor writes a letter to Trinidadian FIFA Vice President Jack Warner: “What a horrendous time they've been giving you in recent years, Jack. There was that hearing earlier this year into an alleged conflict of interest in the alleged sale of World Cup tickets, and now this alleged affair...

Belize: Iguana recipe

  19 September 2006

Lee Vanderwalker posts a dialogue between herself and a Belizean called “Bushman” about how to catch and cook an iguana.

Cuba: Transport conference

  19 September 2006

Luis M. Garcia finds it ironic that Cuba, “a country with one of the worst transport systems on the planet,” has been chosen as the venue for an international transport conference.

Cuba: Raúl's title

  19 September 2006

Cuban news daily Granma calls Raúl Castro, “President of the Council of State”. “Probably a simple sub-editing mistake,” says Luis M. Garcia.

Jamaica: Recording artists — wise up!

  18 September 2006

A recent dispute between a songwriter/performer and a record label prompts to say — in good Jamaican patois — that Jamaican recording artists need to get smart about the business side of entertainment.

  17 September 2006

A newly launched web site called and bearing the tag line “Elections May Be Sprung Upon US…Do You Know Where Your Vote Is Going”, is a typically Trinidadian mixture of humour and gravitas.

Aruba: Political tidbits

  17 September 2006

ArubaGirl brings us up to speed on the goings-on on the political scene in Aruba, whose citizens will now be allowed to vote in European parliamentary elections, and some of whose goverment ministers were strangely absent from the ceremony marking the opening of the new parliamentary year.

Caribbean: Global Learn Day Ten

  15 September 2006

Trinidad-based blogger Taran Rampersad, one of the keynoters at the upcoming Global Learn Day Ten, posts the outline for his presentation on Latin America and the Caribbean .