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[GV Show Special] Trinidad & Tobago: Anti-smelter activism meets the Internet

  20 September 2007

Atillah Springer is a journalist, activist and blogger from Trinidad and Tobago and a member of a protest movement which, earlier this year, succeeded in driving the aluminium industry giant Alcoa out of a community in rural Trinidad where they had proposed to establish a smelter under somewhat dubious circumstances. In this podcast I talk with Atillah about the movement's use of the Internet in their organising activities.

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Elections go Web 2.0

  3 September 2007

Given their small, close-knit populations, relatively low internet penetration, and the continuing primacy of the mainstream media as a source of information, most Caribbean nations are a long way from seeing the emergence of a homegrown US-style "netroots" movement that can genuinely and profoundly influence the outcome of a political election. But the "social web" seems nevertheless to be making its presence felt in election campaigns in Jamaica, where voters go to the polls today (September 3), and Trinidad and Tobago, where an election date is expected to be announced any day now.