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Cuba: Fidel's video

  31 January 2007

Alejandro Armengol attempts to make sense (ES) of the reaction of Miami's Cuban exiles to the video of Cuban president Fidel Castro released yesterday.

Trinidad & Tobago: A nation unravels

  31 January 2007

“How do you take back a country that at independence failed to take real responsibility for itself, whose fabric has been slowly unravelling ever since, and which now equates modernisation with a frantic rush towards industrialisation and “developed country status by 2020″?” asks Jeremy Taylor of his country, Trinidad and...

Cuba: Praying for Fidel

  29 January 2007

It's unlikely that Cuban president Fidel Castro will be any less of a polarising figure in death than he's been over the course of his long and colourful political career. Since the announcement of his illness and the passing of power to his brother Raúl at the end of July...

The Global Voices iTunes podcast feed — alive again!

  26 January 2007

Many, many apologies to those of you who attempted to access the iTunes MP3 feed for the Global Voices podcasts through this page and found the latest edition of The Global Voices Show absent without leave. Thanks to the interventions of deputy geek Jeremy Clarke, however, the iTunes feed is...

Trinidad & Tobago: Nationwide shut-down and media hype

  26 January 2007

Keith Francis questions the quality of some of the information being circulated by the media and others about the events surrounding yesterday's nationwide shut-down in Trinidad and Tobago, including the arrest of the shut-down's organiser. The shut-down is supposed to continue today.

Belize: “Third parties” emerge

  25 January 2007

Melody at the Belize News Blog encourages readers to download the latest issue of the recently launched Belize Independent Newspaper, which is devoted to the emergence of new political parties in Belize and the challenge they represent for the two-party status quo.

Barbados: Calypso for Desmond Haynes

  25 January 2007

Robert Frische at remembers a calypso written by a Barbadian singer in honour of great West Indies cricketer Desmond Haynes, who, near the end of his career, was both passed up for the captaincy and dropped from the team. You can hear the song as well — an MP3...

Trinidad & Tobago: National shutdown

  25 January 2007

Taran Rampersad, Roslyn and Hassan Voyeau weigh in on the national shutdown which is supposed to be taking place in Trinidad and Tobago today. Taran has also posted a photo of the promotional flyer on Flickr.

Trinidad & Tobago: Will Elton John be safe?

  24 January 2007

Jessica is certain that the early January assault on a Dutch model during a photo shoot in rural Trinidad was “a homophobic attack by a group of ignorant ruff necks who saw a ‘pretty’ foreigner and his artsy entourage and fell into a fit of dance-hall fueled, ‘chi-chi man’ fury,”...

Barbados: Barrow statue

  24 January 2007

Bajan Reporter discusses the controversy surrounding a newly erected statue of late Barbadian prime minister Errol Barrow.