Firuzeh Shokooh Valle · March, 2012

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Spain: The Faces of the Young and Unemployed 51%

  31 March 2012

Three Barcelona-based journalists, Lucija Stojevic, Jennifer Baljko and Marc Herman, have launched the excellent digital magazine 51percent with the mission “to go beyond the news headlines and put a face to the youth unemployment crisis facing Spain. We’ll be investigating this issue for the next couple of months, on-the-ground around Barcelona.”

Puerto Rico: “My Favorite Bars”

  24 March 2012

The music blog Mala Vida Buena Música [es] (Bad Life, Good Music) explains why La Respuesta in Santurce, a neighborhood in the capital city of San Juan, is one of their favorite bars in the island.

Cuba: “Incubation”

  24 March 2012

The digital magazine 80 Grados presents the video of photographer Guillaume Le Berre's voyage to Cuba titled “Incubation”: “At the beginning there was a trip. I wanted to see Cuba before the country changes, and tell this experience with pictures. I left only 15 days. But I’m the one who has been changed.”  

Puerto Rico: Happy Birthday

  23 March 2012

The feminist blog Mujeres en Puerto Rico is celebrating [es] its third anniversary: “This year will bring important moments for this country's women. If life permits it, we will be here. With you.”  

Puerto Rico: New Podcast on Legal Issues

  23 March 2012

The blog Derecho al Derecho has launched a podcast to discuss legal issues. In the first episode [es], legal scholars Erika Fontánez Torres and Hiram Meléndez Juarbe talk about the “legitimacy of the judicial branch and the critique of judicial institutions.”

Puerto Rico: An Archipelago of Indie Music

  22 March 2012

The music blog Puerto Rico Indie has launched their first video series titled Archipiélago (Archipelago). The series aims to document the local independent music scene on the island. Global Voices presents Archipiélago's three first recorded sessions with the bands Campo-Formio, Mima, and Tach.dé.