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Spain: Manuel Castells at #AcampadaBCN

  27 June 2011

Ivan Chaar-López posts the videos of sociologist and communications scholar Manuel Castells [es] speech on “Communications, Power and Democracy” which he offered during his visit to activists in Barcelona, Spain.

Puerto Rico: A Picture a Day

  27 June 2011

Blogger Maite Ramos has been posting a picture a day on her blog Elucubraciones de Amaranta [es] as part her participation in two different photo contests.

Spain: Massive Demonstrations on June 19

  21 June 2011

The blog #Acampadasol, launched during the days of massive demonstrations in Madrid last May, chronicles [es] the most recent protests that flooded the streets of many cities in Spain last Sunday June 19.

Puerto Rico: Surviving the Puerto Rican Parade

  21 June 2011

Actor and writer Mikephillippe Oliveros shares his reflections on attending the famous Puerto Rican Parade [es] in New York City: “It was evident that the relationship they have with the island is totally different from mine, either because they have spent too much time away, or I have spent too much time living in Puerto Rico.”

Cuba: Avidly Expecting #Twitthab

  21 June 2011

Blogger Iroel Sánchez (@iroelsanchez) comments on the controversies and expectations [es] surrounding the first offline meeting of Twitter users (#Twitthab) to be held in Havana on July 1st.

Puerto Rico: Indignation and Action

  20 June 2011

The online publication El Punto Es reports about an incipient social movement in Puerto Rico [es] that is following the example set by protesters in Spain, who denounced unemployment, corruption, and called for the renewal of democratic ideals. Netizens can follow this new movement through @IndignAccion.

Latin America: Online Freedom of Expression

  12 June 2011

Global Voices author Ellery Biddle comments on online freedom of expression in Latin America: “One of the reasons that Latin America (perhaps with the exception of Cuba) is often left out of the conversation about Internet policy and freedom of expression online is that it’s a region where technical filtering...

Cuba: Remembering History

  12 June 2011

Osmany Sánchez remembers the attacks on Cuba during the 1960s and 1970s [es], some organized and perpetrated by the groups that welcomed Reina Luisa Tamayo in Miami [es]. Reina Luisa Tamayo is the mother of Orlando Zapata, the hunger striker who died of starvation in protest against the Cuban government.

Cuba: Media Critique

  12 June 2011

In La Pupila Insomne [es], Iroel Sánchez criticizes [es] the Spanish newspaper El País [es] for its coverage of Cuba, and the protests in Madrid.