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Puerto Rico: “Guadalupe Should Not be the Provost”

  29 October 2010

Ángel Carrión comments on the designation of Ana Guadalupe [ES] as the Provost of the Río Piedras campus (the main campus) of the University of Puerto Rico. Guadalupe was severely criticized for the decisions she made as the interim Provost during the student strike last Spring.

Puerto Rico: Student Blog Continues Coverage

  25 October 2010

The student blog Desde Adentro [ES], an alternative online paper created during the recent 60 day student strike at the University of Puerto Rico, is covering the mounting tensions between the students and the administration at the main campus.

Cuba: On Remittances

  21 October 2010

In Sin Evasión [ES], blogger Myriam Celaya comments on the tremendous amount of money that Cubans receive in the form of remittances from their relatives who have emigrated.

Puerto Rico: “80 grados,” A New Online Magazine

  16 October 2010

“80 grados is a publication open to a diversity of reflections”. The School of Communications of the University of Puerto Rico and the citizen media nonprofit Prensa Comunitaria have just inaugurated the digital online magazine 80 grados [ES].

Puerto Rico: La Acera is One Year Old

  13 October 2010

Blogger Al Carbon reflects on the first anniversary of the collective blog La Acera: “Exactly a year has gone by since La Acera’s first post, and an eventful year it’s been.”

Cuba: What happened with Twitter?

  9 October 2010

Ellery Roberts Biddle comments on the reaction of some bloggers [ES] to the technical difficulties that impeded sending Twitter messages via SMS in Cuba: “This raises an uncomfortable question about how activists and advocates for free speech online (a group I consider myself to be a part of) interpret and...

Puerto Rico: A Blog on Gender Discrimination in Law Schools

  9 October 2010

Environmentalist lawyer, law professor at the University of Puerto Rico, and blogger Erika Fontánez examines the possibility of opening a blog [ES] to discuss gender discrimination against female law professors in law schools: “Maybe its time to openly talk about what it means to be a female law professor.”

Puerto Rico: Wave of Hate Crimes against LGBT community

  9 October 2010

Gay activist and blogger Pedro Julio Serrano has demanded that the Police [ES] investigate the latest case of attempted murder against a transsexual woman in Puerto Rico as a hate crime. Ten members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community have been murdered in the past 10 months in...

Puerto Rico: “A Day to Treat Others Well”

  7 October 2010

In Brujas y Rebeldes [ES], feminist blogger Amárilis Pagán Jiménez criticizes a female senator for declaring  “The Day to Treat Others Well,” while doing nothing to help victims of domestic violence. This year, 19 women in Puerto Rico have been murdered by their partners  or ex partners.

Puerto Rico: 133 Law and Order Officers Accused

  6 October 2010

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has just announced the arrests of 133 Puerto Rico state police officers, municipal police officers, officers of the Corrections Department and of employees of the federal government in Puerto Rico on charges of corruption. The operative has been described as the largest...

Puerto Rico: Violence Against Women and the Media

  4 October 2010

Feminist blogger Nahomi Galindo Malavé republishes the Association of Women Journalists of Cataluña recommendations on how the media should cover violence against women [ES]. Their first recommendation is: “Treat violence against women as a violation of human rights and an attempt against the liberty and dignity of people.”

Puerto Rico: Art, Music, and Words

  2 October 2010

Sociologist, singer-songwriter, and blogger Raquel Z. Rivera and painter Tanya Torres, both Puerto Ricans who live in New York, announce their most recent collaboration: “Song of the Magdalene”, which includes a CD, a handmade book and an exhibition of images.