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As the Managing Editor for Global Voices, I explore new ways and technologies to tell stories grounded in local knowledge and aimed at a global audience. I first started in GV in 2015 as a writer and translator, when I was living in Beijing. Now I enjoy writing, editing, training, and launching new projects. I am also the Francophone Sub Editor for GV and work on Francophone Africa.
Having grown up in Tashkent and Odesa, and lived mostly in Central and Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus, Central Asia, the Himalayan region and East Asia, I write about those regions with a particular focus on identity and historical memory, minority groups, arts and culture, language, and less known cross-regional cultural influences. I often teach online about media and culture-related issues, and speak at events and on social media in Chinese, Czech, English, French and Russian.
I have another passion: literary translation, and serve as Editor at Large for Central Asia at Asymptote Journal.
Finally, I recently launched with a friend a podcast on language diversity and power relations among languages, called The Vernacularists
I am currently and happily based in Taipei.

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