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For years ,I was a very active journalist in Morocco.Then I met Farhad . We married some months after, and I moved to his (our) place in USA.Then came our babies so my husband and I decided it was better for our small family to have me at home taking care of our two precious and witnessing their daily “magical” development.I decided then to switch from a full time “news-seeker”;) to a freelance journalist..But it wasn't enough for me: So many things going on,and rare are the channels willing to talk about it.I decided to start blogging,and I really feel much better since I joined GVO;)

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The week that was in The Moroccan Blogosphere

  6 December 2006

Marrakech celebrates the stars The red city of Morocco looks more beautiful with all the glamorous actors taking part in its sixth edition of the International Film Festival. The very good Laila Lalami posts about the event and points a very interesting statement said by Mohammed Majd a Moroccan actor...

The week that was, in the Moroccan blogosphere

Once again, an Egyptian blogger is detained. I'll start today by urging the Egyptian Government to release Alaa and the other activists detained for having expressed their political opinion. I don't know yet why no one can access M.S Hjiouj‘s blog(Ar) since last week, and I sincerely hope it has...

Valentine and the U2 in the Moroccan blogs

  15 February 2006

No political posts in the Moroccan blogosphere last week, or at least very rare. It seems the Moroccan bloggers opted for lighter subjects, in order to mark a pause, after the very political week dominated by the Danish cartoons. Bono in Morocco Supertimba is in the United States on assignment....

The Danish cartoons dominate the Moroccan blogs

  8 February 2006

As predictable, the Moroccan blogosphere reacted last week to the drawings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and while some bloggers condemned the Danish cartoonist , others found the reactions in some Muslim countries over exagerated. Calm heads are needed Samir author of the very elegant The view from Fez regrets...