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I'm a French student in political sciences in exchange in Buenos Aires. I worked with the correspondent of Radio France Internationale (RFI) in Argentina.

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Argentina: Incumbent Mayor Macri Dominates First Round of Buenos Aires Elections

  12 July 2011

The day after the celebration of Argentina's Independence on July 9, Buenos Aires' first electoral round gave a conformable victory to the center-right incumbent mayor Mauricio Macri, who won with 47.1% of the vote. He will now have to confront Frente Para la Victoria's candidate Daniel Filmus --who has the support of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner-- in a runoff vote.

Argentina: Demonstrations in the Borda Psychiatric Hospital

  20 June 2011

Medical staff and associations rallied in the beginning of June to protest against the deterioration of housing conditions in the Hospital Borda, one the most notable psychiatric hospitals in Argentina, which has had no gas since mid April of this year. The hospital's existence had been questioned by a 2008 plan launched by Buenos Aires' mayor, Mauricio Macri.

Argentina: Buenos Aires Mayor Quits Presidential Race

  22 May 2011

On May 7 Mauricio Macri, current mayor of Buenos Aires, announced he would seek re-election as mayor on July 10 of this year. After weeks of suspense, his decision confirms that he is giving up the October presidential race, prompting several discussions in social media outlets in Argentina.

Argentina: Indigenous Protests in Downtown Buenos Aires

  1 May 2011

Since Monday April 25, activists from the Qom community, an indigenous group from the province of Formosa in Argentina, started a roadblock on the 9 de Julio Avenue, in the very center of Buenos Aires, along with a hunger strike lead by their spokesman Felix Díaz. Bloggers react to their protest and try to bring public attention to the conflict.

Argentina: Bloggers Discuss Inflation

  26 April 2011

Inflation has long been a subject of controversy in Argentina, and as such is a recurring topic for discussion among bloggers. As an important political issue, it is expected to be one of the main themes debated during the presidential race next October.

Argentina: The Conflict between Teatro Colón and the City of Buenos Aires

  25 March 2011

After twelve years since his last performance in Argentina, Plácido Domingo was scheduled to sing on March 23 at the Teatro Colón theater in Buenos Aires. However, the concert inside the theater was canceled as the very musicians of the theater refused to play there because of their conflict with the city's administration. As a compromise, a concert was held outdoors, but the conflict between the theater's musicians and the city is far from over.