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Brunei: Rainy days and flooding

  21 January 2009

It is the middle of the annual North-East Monsoon season and Brunei has been experiencing strong winds and rainfall. It was just ten days ago that part of the country was submerged by waters. Blogs, no doubt play an important role in informing the public on the state of the rain and the aftermath.

Southeast Asia: Ship of dreams and friendship

  16 January 2009

Take a luxury cruise liner, fill it with some 300 vibrant youths from Southeast Asia and Japan, stir in cultural agenda and social interactions. The result: a strong bond and lifetime friendship. This is the story of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme.

Brunei: A New Education System

  14 January 2009

Brunei bloggers are debating about a new education system which is now being implemented in stages. Described as the 21st Century National Education System, the new program aims to prepare students to meet the new global challenges.

Mapping the blogosphere in Brunei

  10 January 2009

More than half of Brunei's population are internet users. More and more young Bruneians are setting up their own blogs. Aside from establishing a community of bloggers, a web portal provides a comprehensive list of Brunei blogs.

Brunei-Australia War Memorial

  5 January 2009

A Brunei-Australia Memorial was unveiled to commemorate the Australian landings in Brunei during the Second World War and to mark the cooperation between the people of Brunei Darussalam and Australia.

Bruneian bakers use blog as a marketing tool

  3 January 2009

Home makers in Brunei have utilised the blog as a marketing tool to sell their wares. Many are bakers and cake makers that display their products on their respective blogs. Many of them are mothers or working professionals that do part-time baking. It has been a success for many and created a buzz for blog readers and supporters.

Brunei: Passport to Fame reality show

  2 January 2009

Like any other country, Brunei has it's own taste of reality show to choose their favourite singing idol.  The second Passport to Fame (P2F) competition recently reached it's climax with Dayat as the winner.   RanoAdidas reports on the finale concert that crowned Dayat as the winner in this post and...