Etienne Mashuli

Born in Rwanda, Etienne is currently a student at North Central College where he studies Economics and Political Science. He is involved with the Oxfam Voice Project and is a contributor for The Mark, a Canadian foreign policy newspaper.

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Rwanda: Tweeps Debate as President Kagame Eyes Third Term

  15 December 2011

As debate on whether Rwanda's constitution should be amended to allow for a third term rages on, Rwandan President Paul Kagame says that citizens are free to say that they want him. British journalist Ian Birell responded on Twitter saying, "They're not free, of course, to say he should go…"

Rwanda: Remembering the Rwandan Genocide

  8 April 2011

April 6, 2011, marked the beginning of the seventeenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. It is a time to reflect on the unforgivable human errors that led to the despicable slaughter of close to a million Rwandans, mostly Tutsis. Bloggers discuss a variety of themes related to the genocide.

Rwanda: Bloggers take on Stephen Kinzer

  15 January 2011

An article by Stephen Kinzer criticizing Human Rights Watch’s position on Rwanda was not well received in the blogosphere. In the piece, which appeared in the London’s Guardian, Kinzer laments that human rights groups are spreading what he refers to as human rights imperialism. With specific reference to Rwanda, Kinzer favors a dictatorship that allows for stability.