Eremipagamo Amabebe · July, 2010

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USA and Congo: Nicholas Kristof and Western coverage of Africa

  19 July 2010

Bunmi joins the debate over New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof's admission that he tends to focus on the ‘white foreigner as savior, black African as victim’ story in his Africa coverage. “I wonder if a story about some crisis in America would hold any interest for, let's say, Congolese...

Nigeria: More violence in Maza, near Jos

  18 July 2010

Carmen McCain reports fresh killings near Jos, a city still recovering from deadly riots earlier in the year. “It is with a sick feeling in my stomach that I post this. One of my friends, Godfrey Saeed Selbar… called me around 11:51am this morning, telling me that there had been...

Nigeria: Documentary on Babangida

  12 July 2010

Max Siollun posts links to a documentary critical of General Ibrahim Babangida, military ruler of Nigeria from 1985-1993 and a likely contender in the 2011 election. “An oldie but a goodie,” Siollun writes of the video, which focuses on Babangida's relationship with Mamman Jiya Vatsa, a close friend who was...

Nigeria: Who changed the President's mind— Facebook or FIFA?

  9 July 2010

After receiving hundreds of comments on his Facebook page, Nigeria's President reversed a controversial suspension of the country's national football team. But was the President's change of heart really a response to citizens voicing their frustration on Facebook? Or because of pressure from international football's powerful governing body?