Enda Nasution · October, 2005

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Indonesian blogs: Top blogs, taxpayer, reshuffling and acquisitions

  16 October 2005

Top 100 Indonesian blogs Indonesian blogosphere buzzing yesterday when Priyadi release his list of top 100 Indonesian blogs. Sorted by how many blogs/pages links to your blog, Priyadi showed 100 most popular Indonesian blogs from 460 blogs that he compiled. The list is not perfect but it's a start. He...

Bali bombings 2: Suicide bombers captured on camera

  3 October 2005

Indonesian bloggers reacted almost instantly hearing the news of another bombs explodes in Bali. Google Blogsearch recorded 157 blogs in Indonesian language posting about Bali Bombing on 1st October just after the series of bombs exploded on 6.50 pm Jakarta's time or 7.50 Bali's time. Most offers condolences for the...