Eleanor Staniforth · June, 2012

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Brazil: Is There A Clear Foreign Policy for the Middle East and Africa?

  22 June 2012

The twenty-first century has brought important changes to the balance of power which had been in place until then, with obvious ramifications for the international economy and politics. In this context, Brazil has come to dispute its influence in recent years in two regions which were formerly dominated by the central countries: the Middle East and Africa.

Ecuador: Remembering the Colombian Refugees

  21 June 2012

The growing displacement of Colombians towards Ecuador has awoken the interest of international bodies and the concern of Ecuadorean citizens. With the celebration of World Refugee Day on June 20, the issue of Colombian refugees in Ecuador has captured the attention of the media and citizens alike.

Equatorial Guinea: Dictatorship Seeks Entry in Portuguese Language Community

  8 June 2012

In July 2012 the Maputo Summit will take place in which a decision will be taken on the possible entry of Equatorial Guinea into the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). On the one hand there are various initiatives which condemn Teodoro Obiang's 33 year regime, hostile to the orienting principles of the CPLP. However, there are also those who support the country's admission.

Spain: “Wanted: The Ones Responsible for the Crisis”

  1 June 2012

Following the departure of Rodrigo Rato as chairman of the financial institution Bankia, with over a million euros in indemnity payments and without any kind of explanation as to why the bank has ended up in its current state, groups of activists linked to the 15M movement have created a digital platform with the aim of making the people responsible for the crisis accountable.