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Uruguay: File Sharing Site Raises Questions

  12 February 2008

What started as a photo sharing site is now a site attracting thousands of visitors hoping to download mp3 files from Uruguayan musical artists. In an interview, one of the founders of the site Uruguay Photos talks about some of the controversy over hosting music files and his interaction with the artists, most of whom fully support the site as a way to reach more people. The interview was conducted by Martin Balao and is translated for Global Voices.

Mexico: Another Tie with the US

  11 February 2008

After a 2-2 tie with the United States, Bucéfalo [es] thinks the Mexican national football team would be better off with another coach due to the 0-8-2 results over the past ten years on the road.

Colombia: Day of the Journalist

  11 February 2008

Colombia celebrated Day of the Journalist on February 9. Juan David Escobar of Reticente [es] and Victor Solano of ¿Comunicación? [es] salute and write about the challenges for journalists in Colombia.

Bolivia: Garbage on the Walls

  8 February 2008

In El Alto, Bolivia, Hugo Choque writes about a different type of garbage. Every morning between 4 am and 5:30 am, one can see individuals plastering walls of businesses and homes with flyers for every type of advertisement imaginable.

Costa Rica: Criticizing and Praising Andrea Morales

  8 February 2008

Cristian Cambronero of Fusil de Chispas [es] had been very critical of the young lawmaker from Costa Rica, Andrea Morales, for drawing too much attention to her appearance by posing for various national magazines. However, he has been pleasantly surprised to see her bypass politics as usual, regardless of her...

El Salvador: Funes Seeking Support of Indigenous Communities

  8 February 2008

The presidential candidate for the FMLN, Mauricio Funes, is seeking the support of the indigenous communities in El Salvador. Mundo Farabundista [es] writes that Funes recently visited the town of Izalco, which has been considered a strong supporter of the rival ARENA party.

El Salvador: Surviving a Gunshot Wound

  8 February 2008

Rafael Monge writes about the continued crime spree in El Salvador and speculates that one would have a better chance of surviving a gunshot in his country, than in Finland [es]. Why? Because Salvadoran doctors would have more experience treating this type of wound.

Mexico: Festivities in Santa Maria Aztahuacan

  8 February 2008

Mexico Reporter visits the town of Santa Maria Aztahuacan, where residents celebrated the start of Lent with “dancing in the streets, tacos, tequila – and random gunfire.” Tradition has meant that the residents shoot their pistols as a way of showing their joy during the festivities.

Mexico: Chinese Community Celebrates New Year

  7 February 2008

Cuadernos de Silicio [es] describes the events surrounding preparations for the Chinese New Year in Mexico City, and that 2008 corresponds to “the Year of the Rat,” a year that members of the Chinese community think “could be favorable for having a lot of children, as it is characteristic of...

Colombia: March in Washington, DC

  7 February 2008

Plan Colombia and Beyond provides some thoughts from the Center for International Policy Associate Paola Castro, who writes, “As a Colombian-American citizen I feel really glad that the pro-peace and anti-FARC rally went well today in Washington D.C. Around eight hundred people came together in Freedom Plaza [15th and Pennsylvania...

Venezuela: Thought on Chávez

  6 February 2008

Luis Carlos Díaz of Periodismo de Paz [es] shares some thoughts about Hugo Chávez that he wrote at various blog communities at traditional newspaper sites.

Costa Rica: Recent Protests and Police Repression

  6 February 2008

“There once was a green country presided by a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, where there were more teachers, than soldiers and universal social security [es],” writes Julia Ardón in response to recent protests and reports of police repression.

Peru: The Return of Alejandro Toledo

  5 February 2008

Former president Alejandro Toledo is back in Peru for a few days, and Juan Sheput of Mate Pastor [es] is pleased, and indicated that his presence as a professor at Stanford University and a lack of any charges of corruption or human rights abuses as had been typical of former...

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