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Argentina: Digital Cumbia in Buenos Aires

  13 July 2009

Digital Cumbia is one of the latest musical genres that is taking off in Buenos Aires, Argentina thanks to the music club Zizek. Good Airs writes more about why this type of music has become popular.

Peru: New Incan Road Discovery

  12 July 2009

In Peru, new Incan Road has been discovered by Project Ukhupacha, which has been working near the Machu Picchu location writes Isabel Guerra of Living in Peru.

Nicaragua: The Typical Dish of Vajo

  12 July 2009

Vajo is a typical dish from Nicaragua that is cooked through a steaming process, and is wrapped in the leaves of a maguey planet. Los Hijos de Septiembre [es] writes more about the history of this food.

Colombia: Where to Find the Best Buñuelo

  11 July 2009

The buñuelo is a typical Colombian snack that can elicit hunger pangs with the mere mention of the word. That is what recently happened with a group of Colombian twitterers, who chose to discuss their favorite places to buy the buñuelo, as well as some of their favorite anecdotes. It even led some to rush out to buy the food.

Bolivia: The Return of Luis Arce Gómez

  11 July 2009

Former Bolivian military officer Luis Arce Gómez, who was part of the dictatorship of Luis García Meza in the early 1980s, returned to the country after finishing his sentence in the United States. Alberto Medrano of Letras Alteñas [es] writes that he was sent directly to the maximum security prison...

Mexico: A New Stadium for Monterrey?

  7 July 2009

Is the new International Stadium in Monterrey, Mexico a done deal? asks Regio Blogs [es]. Even though there has not been much announcement about the construction project, there are reports that the new stadium will be inaugurated in 2011.

Chile: The Changing Train Trips

  7 July 2009

Alejandro Vega of En Ruta [es] reviews some recent train trips in Chile and how things have changed from his childhood journeys along the same routes. What used to seem like a “pilgrimage” is now less popular than buses.

Nicaragua: The Passing of Alexis Argüello

  6 July 2009

From Nicaragua, Juan Ortega pays tribute to Alexis Argüello, a former boxing champion and politician [es], who recently passed away. Even though Ortega was too young to remember watching Argüello's marches, he recalls hearing his grandmother speak very highly of the boxer.

Paraguay: The Passing of “Píter”

  5 July 2009

Peter Balbuena or also simply known as “Píter” recently passed away in Paraguay. He was a tireless advocate and activist for LGBT rights in that country. Marta Escurra of Con el Perdón de la Palabra [es] recalls her conversations with him.

Mexico: The Zapatista “Brand” and Tourism in Chiapas

  2 July 2009

The Mex Files notes that the state of Chiapas, Mexico receives 4 million tourists per year; 25% mention that they were drawn by the Zapatista rebels, which are best identified by their spokesperson Rafael Sebastián Guillén Vicente, also known as Subcomandante Marcos.

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