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Paraguay: Mala Visión in Guaraní Mythology

  12 May 2009

Mala Visión is a nocturnal spirit that lives in the forest and is part of the Guaraní mythology in Paraguay. Al Paraguay [es] tells about the beliefs held by his wife's family and her uncle's experience with the spirit.

Peru: Flooding in Iquitos

  11 May 2009

Floods continue to be a major problem in the city of Iquitos, Peru with the rise of the Amazon River and its tributaries. Juan Arellano of Globalizado [es] has photos of how the water is affecting houses built in flood-vulnerable areas in the Punchana district.

Paraguay: Experiences of an Immigrant in Rosario, Argentina

  10 May 2009

Elizabeth Gonzalez writes about her experience as a Paraguayan immigrant in Rosario, Argentina at the blog Somos Paraguayos [es] (We Are Paraguayans). She adds that many refer to her not by name, but by the nickname “Paraguas” which is often used in a disparaging manner.

Ecuador: Local News from Cuenca Absent from National Newspapers

  9 May 2009

Esteban Mendieta wonders why news from the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca rarely makes the national newspapers [es], such as the important long distance running race “Las Cruces” that is celebrating its 45th edition. Much of the coverage is devoted to the larger cities of Quito and Guayaquil

Americas: Region Responds to the H1N1 Virus

  4 May 2009

Even though the epicenter of the H1N1 virus outbreak has been in Mexico, other countries in the region are finding ways to prevent and combat it. Bloggers have been keen on taking a close look at what their governments are doing to alleviate fears, or whether they are responsible for adding to the panic by some. Others Latin American bloggers are observing the behavior of their fellow citizens, often using humor to cut through some of the tension.

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