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Colombia: Transfer of US Military Base from Ecuador

  20 April 2009

The US military base currently located in Manta, Ecuador is being transferred to Colombia. “This is a violation of national sovereignty with the aim to maintain a certain level of privileged relationship with the government of the United States,” writes Colombia Hoy [es].

Bolivia: Piecing Together the Life of an Accused Terrorist

  19 April 2009

Bolivian police killed three foreign nationals in a Santa Cruz hotel. What is not entirely clear is the connection between the men, who national authorities say were a part of a terrorist cell that had been planning to assassinate President Evo Morales, as well as others from the opposition. One man has emerged as the ringleader of the group, Eduardo Rózsa-Flores, a Bolivian-Hungarian citizen with a long history. The media, as well as bloggers, have been trying to piece together his background to draw conclusions.

Bolivia: Journalist Rojas Resigns Due to Threats

  15 April 2009

Andrés Rojas, the Bolivian journalist who was threatened with expulsion from working in the city of El Alto by the Regional Worker's Union for what they perceived to be negative portrayals of the city, resigned from his position at Channel 57 based on anonymous death threats to him and his...

Dominican Republic: Traffic Fatalities Due to Alcohol

  14 April 2009

Over the course of the Holy Week holidays, 57 people lost their lives due to traffic accidents in the Dominican Republic. Rocío Díaz of Monaco [es] notes that 70% were alcohol-related and that people use the days off “as an excuse to drink like they never have in their lives.”

Nicaragua: Failure in the Use of ICTs

  8 April 2009

Even though Nicaragua was the 2nd Latin American country to get the internet, a recent 406 page study shows that it has failed to take advantage of the use of ICTs. Juan Ortega writes that Nicaraguans themselves are to blame, but provides some suggestions for initiatives for how to improve...

El Salvador: The Death Penalty as the Only Solution

  8 April 2009

The only solution to halt the wave of violent crime in El Salvador is to restore the death penalty writes MPITES [es] and does not think that human rights groups have a right to provide their opinion because they are not the ones caught in the middle of “the daily...

Colombia: David and Goliath Battle Between Supermarkets

  7 April 2009

Piso Tres [es] compares the business rivalry between a smaller supermarket and a larger supermarket chain in Medellín, Colombia to a battle between David and Goliath. Many thought that the smaller store would close, but credits its determination for its success.

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