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Costa Rica: Capital City Top 10 Safest

  12 June 2008

The Costa Rican capital San José placed among the top 10 safest cities in Latin America writes La Foto Salió Movida [es] and writes that the challenge is to continue improving safety and remove the stigma that the city is more dangerous that it is.

Mexico: Suburb Satellite City

  11 June 2008

Ciudad Satélite was “the first American-style planned suburb in Mexico” during the 1940s and 50s. Mario of Candyland posts a video of one of the first commercials promoting this new way of living.

Bolivia: Protests in Front of Election Officials’ Home

  11 June 2008

Kevin Ayllón of Travieso [es] writes about the protests taking place in front of his house. Kevin's mother is an election official in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia and is in charge of registering voters, of which the registries had been filled due to high demand

Dominican Republic: The Writer Junot Díaz

  11 June 2008

Dominican writer Junot Díaz and Pulitzer Prize winner in 2008 believes that people should get back into the habit of reading because it puts the “reader into contact with another human, another nervous system, another imagination.” Greeysis de la Cruz writes more on the background and thoughts of this writer...

Guatemala: 4 Balames Archaeological Park

  11 June 2008

A new archaeological park called “4 Balames” is set to open in the Petén Department in Guatmala. Claudia Navas of Ordinaria Locura [es] is looking forward to this new tourist attraction, which can help bring development and jobs to this much-needed part of the country

Nicaragua: Rally in Support of Hunger Strike

  11 June 2008

In Managua, Nicaragua, Rodrigo Peñalba of Barricada [es] posts a video of a rally in support of Dora María Tellez’ hunger striker, who is protesting alleged corrpution by the President of the Supreme Electoral Court, Roberto Rivas

Argentina: Exact Change Only on Subway

  10 June 2008

Public transportation continues to be a topic of discussion in Argentina. Candelaria of Viajé Como El Orto [es] posts a photo found at one of the subway train stations of a homemades sign which asks for exact change. Readers share their own stories including one that instructs users to look...

Argentina: Comparing Evita and Riquelme

  10 June 2008

Juan Pablo Meneses of Cronicas Argentinas [es] compares the Boca Junior footballer Juan Roman Riquelme and the famous first lady Eva Perón, saying both are the people's representatives and both elicit strong reactions either critical or in support.

Peru: 10Blog Conference in Lima

  9 June 2008

Sandro Medina Tovar of Letra Suelta [es] publicizes the conference 10Blog, which will be held on Thursday, June 12 in Lima, Peru. The conference will provide speakers on various topics dealing with the blogosphere, such as legal aspects of blogs and philosophical fundamentals of blogs.

El Salvador: Blogger Ernesto Rivas Hospitalized

  9 June 2008

Hunnapuh [es] draws attention to a posting by blogger Ernesto Rivas Gallont, who apologized to readers of Conversations with Neto Rivas [es] for his absence due to a hospialization due to cardio-vascular problems. He writes, “Even though I have my laptop at the hospital, I don't think that it will...

Ecuador: Presidential Visit to Loja

  8 June 2008

INKer [es] writes about and post photos of the recent visit by Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa to the province of Loja. Correa visited the local television station Ecotel and was warmly received.

Peru: Blog Contest for High School Students

  3 June 2008

The Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) has announced a blog contest for high school students. One of the contests goals is to, “Encourage the use of accessible and new technologies among high school students.” The contest is also sponsored by BlogsPeru, writes Juan Arellano of Globalizado [es].

Honduras: Accident at Tegucigalpa Airport

  3 June 2008

Aaron Ortiz of Pensieve writes about the recent accident of a TACA airline jet that crashed at the international airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He also describes his experience landing at that airport and offers a suggestion, “let international flights arrive at San Pedro Sula, and offer connections in small planes...

Blogger of the Week: Rebekah Heacock

  1 June 2008

Global Voices author for Uganda, Rebekah Heacock spent two weeks in the capital city Kampala back in 2006, and decided that she needed to return for a longer period of time. When she did, she also began to blog and it played a large role in her time abroad, "Blogging in Uganda grounded me in a way that few other things did. It was a familiar act that took place in an unfamiliar world, and it was a way for me to process what I was seeing and how I was living."

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