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El Salvador: Musical for Victims of Civil War

  22 May 2008

Salvadoran-American musician Carlos Colón-Quintana presents his musical in honor of those killed in the civil war in El Salvador, especially the victims of El Mozote. He posts clips ans lyrics on his bilingual blog [es/en].

Mexico: Construction of New Sumaya Museum

  22 May 2008

The new Sumaya museum is being constructed in Mexico City thanks to billionaire Carlos Slim. México Para Los Mexicanos [es] examines some questions about the museum's location and whether proper thought has been given to how this increased traffic will affect the neighborhood's residents.

Bolivia: Radio Station Website Hacked

  22 May 2008

In Bolivia, the website of the radio station where political analyst and government critic Carlos Valverde holds his radio station was recently hacked. Renzo Colanzi of Mientras Estás Aquí [es] has the screenshot of the hackers’ message that states that it was done for Bolivarian integration.

Paraguay: First Actions for Lugo

  20 May 2008

Edgar Ruiz Diaz of Las Preguntas de Venerando [es] provides his thoughts on the first steps that Paraguayan President-elect Fernando Lugo should take upon taking office, such as lowering his own salary, as well as of senators and deputies.

Argentina: Protest of Demolishment

  19 May 2008

Basta de Demoler [es] (Enough with the Demolishment) posts video of the recent gathering in protest of an illegal and clandestine destruction of a historic building with colorful mural in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Paraguay: Marginalized Sectors Drawing Attention to Demands

  19 May 2008

As the start of Paraguayan president-elect Fernando Lugo's government approaches, many marginalized sectors of society are making their demands heard. RESCATAR [es] writes that there are “positive social tensions”, as some groups such as the landless movements are occupying lands in order to draw attention to their demands.

Paraguay: Mass Celebrated in Guaraní

  19 May 2008

Guillermo Verdún of Paraguayo [es] presents photographs of a mass in Asunción, Paraguay, which was celebrated in the indigenous language of Guaraní. The service was celebrated with the participation of various choirs and orchestras.

Dominican Republic: The Defeat of the PRD

  18 May 2008

The Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) suffered a defeat in the recent elections in the Dominican Republic. Some residents of Las Caobas commemorated the defeat with by “burying” the party. Reynaldo Brito of Imágenes Dominicanas [es] has a photo.

Argentina: High Speed Train a Bad Idea

  17 May 2008

The constuction of a high speed train linking the Argentine cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario and Córdboa is ready to begin at a cost of 4 billion dollars. Fabio M. Baccaglioni provides a lengthy list of reasons why this is a bad idea and will negatively affect many groups....

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