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Mexico: New Super Tunnel in the Capital

  22 April 2008

A new super tunnel will be built in Mexico City with a distance of 18 km and for exclusive use of cars, and would supposedly help alleviate traffic. However, México Para Los Mexicanos [es] believes that it will only encourage increased car use and will increase pollution and gridlock.

Costa Rica: Insecurity or the Perception of Insecurity

  22 April 2008

Mariela of Estando Viva La Víspera [es] disagrees with the Costa Rican Minister of Security, who stated that insecurity is not the problem, but rather the problem is the perception of insecurity. Mariela then recounts a recent crime incident and other examples facing her family.

Colombia: Diverse Cultures in Public Universities

  22 April 2008

Lluvias de Locuras [es] provides thoughts on the public universities in Colombia and concludes that “many cultures come together that contribute to the development of the educational community, but there is also a very harmful counter-culture.”

Paraguay: Ex-Bishop Becomes Next President

  21 April 2008

Paraguay went to the polls to elect its next president on April 20th. Gathering nearly 41% of the vote was the former Roman Catholic bishop Fernando Lugo. His victory ends a 61 year run by the Colorado party and the exit of outgoing president Nicanor Duarte, who will leave on August 15.

Paraguay: Where to Vote

  18 April 2008

“Do You Know Where To Vote?” asks Guillermo Verdún of Paraguayo [es] in preparation for this weekend's presidential elections. To help out, he places a input on his blog that links to the Electoral Court's website to inform potential voters of the nearest polling center.

Peru: The State of Archaeological Sites

  18 April 2008

The blog from the television program Presencia Cultural [es] posts a video about the UNESCO-declared “Day of Monuments and Sites,” which falls on April 18. The video shows and discusses the state of many archaeological sites in Peru.

Bolivia: Public Transport in Santa Cruz

  17 April 2008

Public transport in Santa Cruz is a big problem, as noted by Professor Miriam Vidal. Bus fare has risen to 33% recently, and many schoolchildren are bypassed by drivers because they do not pay the full fare [es].

Uruguay: 365 versions of La Cumparsita

  17 April 2008

Three hundred and sixty five versions of one of the most famous tangoes in the world, La Cumparsita, will be played in Independence Plaza in Montevideo, which is the site where it was played for the first time 91 years ago. Café Montevideo [es] has more details.

Chile: Wind Power in Maule

  14 April 2008

Marcelo Aliaga of Bloggeando La Vida [es] writes about the growing possibility of using wind to generate power in the region of Maule along the Chilean Pacific coast.

Paraguay: Duarte's Response to Media

  14 April 2008

Mi Paraguay [es] writes about current president Nicanor Duarte's rather crass response to the media, who allegedly “look for the fall of the Colorado Party.” Duarte says that on election day on April 20, that the media will “choke on their own vomit,” because the candidate of his party will...

Bolivia: Reflections on Autonomy Referendum

  14 April 2008

On May 4, a Referendum whether or not to implement a controversial autonomy statute will take place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Miguel Centellas of Pronto* provides his reflections on the process and its meaning.

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