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Ecuador: Correa's Powerpoint Presentation

  23 January 2008

After one year in office, Ecuador president Rafael Correa provided a powerpoint presentation of the achievements of his administration. Nelson Piedra contrasts Correa's presentation with another recent newsworthy event [es[, the Keynote presentation made by Apple Computer's Steve Jobs.

Argentina: Patagonian Lamb

  22 January 2008

Juan Pablo Meneses of Cronicas Argentinas [es] is now in the Patagonia region of Argentina looking for a good place to try the famous Patagonian lamb, cooked as “a rustic, delicious alternative, over an open fire.”

Mexico: Drug-Related Violence in Tijuana

  21 January 2008

Violence between Mexican authorities and members of powerful drug cartels has been erupting all across the country leaving scores dead and a society that often feels helpless. The Mexican government has attempted to curb this escalation in violence by dispatching federal police and soldiers to the areas most affected. Some Mexican bloggers are saddened by this brutal violence, and are often left wondering how to deal with its effects.

Chile: Microsoft Executive Insults Cyber-Activists

  21 January 2008

A Microsoft executive recently referred to some Chilean activists as “pelagatos,” which is an offensive slang term used in Chile. Luis Ramirez collects some reactions [es] and responses [en] to this reference and highlights the work of these activists from Liberación Digital, who are trying to monitor and become active...

Peru: Thoughts on Options for US Elections

  21 January 2008

Peruvian blogger Nómad Andrea provides her thoughts on a recent Washington Post article about voting for a minority or woman candidate in the upcoming US elections. She writes, “being a woman or a member of a minority group guarantees a fair government? I think not and Condozleezza Rice is a...

Bolivia: Confrontational Groups

  21 January 2008

There are approximately six “grupos de choque” or organizations involved in often violent confrontation. Miguel Centellas of Pronto* breaks down the different groups.

Bolivia: Blogger Named to National Electoral Court

  17 January 2008

The Bolivian blog community is generally very supportive of its members. Recently, a well-known blogger was named to a high ranking position within the Bolivian government. Normally, a pat on the back and other displays of congratulations would have accompanied this new appointment. However, when the blogger in question was named to head up the National Electoral Court (CNE for its initials in Spanish), many bloggers began to question how appropriate was this new member of the CNE.

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