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Ecuador: Teenage Podcaster

  23 October 2007

Cobertura Digital [ES] and the Blog de Palulo [ES] write about the 16-year-old Ecuadoran podcaster that appeared in the El Comercio newspaper.

Bolivia: Columnist Uses Blog to Draft Cyber-Proposal With Readers

  22 October 2007

The Bolivian government announced a drastic change in providing retirement benefits to elderly Bolivians under a plan called “Renta Dignidad”. These funds replace the annual “Bonosol”, and will come directly from the Direct Hydrocarbons Tax (IDH for its initials in Spanish) and will be payable once a month for all...

Peru: Religion Question on Census

  22 October 2007

Eduardo Villanueva of Casi Un Blog Mk. II [ES] is puzzled by the Peruvian census question that asks about religion and writes, “I do not want to, nor do I need to reveal to the INEI that I am agnostic….why are they asking me something that is not constitutionally legal...

Peru: Purchase of OLPC Computers

  22 October 2007

Desde El Tercer Piso [ES] reflects upon the Peruvian government's decision to participate in the One Laptop Per Child project with the purchase of 40,000 XO computers.

Ecuador: Google Day in Quito

  22 October 2007

Google Day in Quito, Ecuador is planned for October 26. Christian Espinoza of Cobertura Digital [ES] is looking forward to the event and to the workshop to find more about Adwords and Adsense.

Argentina: Wordcamp in Buenos Aires

  19 October 2007

On October 31, Wordcamp 2007 [ES] will be held and is “a conference for users and developers of WordPress; covering topics that will help you blog, know your audience and meet other bloggers.

Argentina: Candidate and Web 2.0

  19 October 2007

Pablo Mancini [ES] writes about candidate for provincial governor Francisco de Navárez and his use of Flickr,, Picasa, Odeo, Soapbox, YouTube, and now Second Life to reach potential voters.

Bolivia: Bars Burning

  17 October 2007

Mario Duran of Palabras Libres [ES] provides firsthand photos of bars and nightclubs in El Alto, Bolivia that were burned by neighbors, who accused the establishments of selling alcohol to minors and being centers of crime.

Argentina: Rosario Blog Day

  16 October 2007

Rosario Blog Day [ES] is scheduled for November 9th at the Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas in Rosario, Argentina and whose aim is to “generate spaces for exchange and conversations regarding knowledge, ideas and initiatives related to the social internet or web 2.0.”

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